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Never too small for the tough tasks

KAMPUNG Tunku assemblyman Lim Yi Wei used to play women’s rugby when she was pursuing her Finance degree at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Lim looking through some of the photos of Tunku Abdul Rahman displayed at a Malaysia Day celebration in Petaling Jaya last month. The 28-year-old says Petaling Jaya is special because its residents have a strong sense of community spirit. — filepic

Bank builds home for silk weavers in Laos

SOUNDS of suppressed laughter are audible in a small farm called Mulberries in Xiangkhoung, Laos, where a group of women huddle over a boiling cauldron of natural dye.

Funding to preserve art of weaving

MAYBANK Foundation gave RM1.8mil for their Maybank Women Eco-Weavers programme to help keep the art of traditional weaving alive.

Some of the handmade products sold at Mulberries.

It pays to have options

DRIVING around the Klang Valley can be quite a headache from having to endure traffic jams to finding a parking space.

Getting fit to lift others up

BARELY nine months ago, businessman Michael Quah weighed a hefty 120kg. But now he is 87kg – down by a whopping 33kg.

Helpless in bid to save farmlands

HER lethargic face reveals the turmoil within her mind. At 88, Chu Yau who lost her 90-year-old husband Foong Kam earlier this year, was dealt another blow recently.

The accidental ‘barista’

HAVING an aromatic cuppa at the local coffeeshop is how many Malaysians start their day. As such, it is paramount that the people making the drink know their stuff, lest they ruin someone’s day! 

Ng (centre) chatting with customer Leo Chin and his son Jack as he serves them drinks at his coffeeshop in Kajang.

Still bustling after 70 years

WHILE many people are still asleep, a family in Kampung Baru Simee prepares to head to the market to set up their kuih stall.

Kampung Baru Simee’s wet market is popular with residents from nearby areas.

Sarawakians must unite and reject new taxes that will be a burden

“Lagi banyak cukai? Apa hal ini kerajaan baru?” (More new taxes? What is the new Government doing?).

Sarawakians must unite against unfair taxes that will furthrt burden them in trying economic times. — Filepic

Langkawi updates

OUR Langkawi trip came to a literal climax as we rode the world’s longest free span mono-cable car up one of the steepest cable car inclines in the world to the peak of Mount Machinchang.

The view of man-made islands 100 and 101 in the Telaga Harbour Marina as seen from the Langkawi Sky Bridge.