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Town that grew from a tin tycoon’s mansion

Quiet Falim new village has evolved into an Ipoh suburb with new housing estates.

Falim House was owned by prominent miner, the late Foo Nyit See, who built his version of a self-contained township around the mansion in the 1920s.

Hoping for a new lease of life

The sound of clinking mahjong tiles could be heard from the street on a late morning recently.

Kampung Baru Kuala Kuang, a predominantly agricultural village, struggles to re-invent itself after a large part of their farm land was taken back by the previous Perak state government in recent years.

Yes, it's harder to sleep in the hospital

Hospital patients get a lot less sleep, wake up more frequently during the night, and rise earlier in the morning than they would in bed at home, a Dutch study suggests.

While previous research has also tied sleep problems in hospitals to worse outcomes for patients, few studies to date have quantified exactly how little rest patients get, researchers note in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Working hard to win public‘s confidence in cops

ONE man is making it his mission to create awareness on the roles of the police and other law enforcement agencies in Malaysia

Kalaikumar (second from right) watching as members of his team paste a sticker on a car providing information on the Peace and Crime Prevention Action Organisation of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Art of cycling back in time

IMMERSE yourself in nostalgia as you observe watercolour paintings by local artist Chow Chin Chuan as he showcases live paintings of old bicycles and rickshaws at The One Gallery.

Chow loves painting bicycles because they remind him of his father and his childhood.

Three ‘P‘s to sustainability

WHEN Carlsberg was set up more than 170 years ago, its founder J.C. Jacobsen pledged his brewing empire to the greater cause of the people and science.

Besenbacher is committed to promoting sustainability

Kampung Morten is where tourists to the historical city get a taste of local culture

Sandwiched in the heart of the modern historical city of Melaka is Kampung Morten, an urban Malay village that still preserves its rustic charm.

Kampung Morten still retains its traditional Malay kampung charm even though development such as high-rise buildings (in the background) and the Melaka tourist monorail (left) are creeping up around it. — Photos: A. MALEX YAHYA/The Star

Date night with herptiles

IT WAS barely a few minutes past nightfall when I started my third herping adventure, this time at Taman Rimba Kiara in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Our eyes were constantly scanning for eyeshine among the flora to give us an indication that we had a potentially exciting find. — Photos courtesy of Steven Wong

A structured extension of new village

THE residents of Desa Lawan Kuda in Gopeng love the outdoors.

Tackling community issues in six neighbourhoods

WORKING with six neighbourhoods in Klang and Shah Alam gives Ahmad Fahmi Hanapiah a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Ahmad Fahmi (right) and Yunus checking out the new exercise equipment in Taman Seri Teluk Menegon, Klang.