Rental plan makes owning massage chair affordable

PEOPLE often assume massage chairs are luxury products.

Gintell has come up with Hi5 Rental Plan that is interest-free and zero credit limit, making it affordable for everyone to own one.

The flexible payment scheme aims to encourage people from all walks of life to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Hi5 Rental Plan offers 36 months of payment with five key benefits. This includes a free gift, a three-year warranty, zero credit limit, zero credit card interest and a flexible upgrade plan. Currently, this plan is only applicable for selected massage chairs and sofas.

Those who rent can also enjoy free gifts just like other buyers.

Ordinary buyers enjoy 1 + 1 benefits that include a two-year warranty, but under this plan, rental buyers enjoy a three-year warranty, which means that they do not have to pay for repair of any natural damages incurred during the warranty period, spare parts included.

Throughout the warranty period, if the customer has any problems with the massage chair, he can contact the customer service hotline immediately for free technical assistance.

Gintell understands that some customers may have a credit limit issue.

As such, the Hi5 plan allows the buyer to pay a super low down payment, and then, clear the balance with his credit card or debit card with monthly instalments ranging from RM88 to RM388.

After paying off the full rental amount and at the expiration of the three-year rental period, customers only need to pay a token sum of RM1 to buy the massage chair. If they want to get a new model, they can get one at a special discount, courtesy of the Hi5 flexible upgrade plan.

For details, call the customer service hotline at 1800-88-6332 or 03-6277 9333 or visit Gintell showrooms nationwide or

Gintell is also recruiting dealers. For details, call 012-922 6812.