Guizhou's natural wonders, cultural diversity leave this Malaysian in awe

Miao Ethnic Village in Guizhou.

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My wife and I went on a tour of Guizhou, China, in September 2023. Guizhou is a beautiful province and is rich in cultural diversity. It is also well connected with many highways, and a high speed rail line.

It is the second province in China after Yunnan with the most number of ethnic minorities – 17.

Our first destination was the breathtaking Maling River Canyon in the city of Xingyi, about four hours by bus from Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou. Along the way, we saw beautiful mountain ranges and valleys, dotted with farmhouses and farmlands. The karst canyon had multiple layers, resembling a scar on the Earth’s surface. This unique geological feature created a majestic yet peculiar landscape.

The Maling River Canyon is located in the city of Xingyi.The Maling River Canyon is located in the city of Xingyi.

Next on our list was the Wanfeng Lake and Wanfeng Lin, which is loosely translated to “forest of 10,000 peaks”. We had a refreshing boat cruise around the lake, admiring the many mountain peaks and rock walls.

At Wanfeng Lin, we rode in an eco-car, stopping at different viewing platforms and enjoying the views of the forest peaks, farmlands and settlements nestled in the valley.

We visited one of Asia’s largest waterfall too – the Huangguoshu Waterfall near the city of Anshun. The waterfall is 77.8m tall and has a width of 110m.

The view of the waterfall was indeed wonderful, as the water cascaded down from a great height. Just behind the waterfall was a cave aptly known as “water curtain cave” where one could pass through and hear the gushing sounds of the water. There were other smaller waterfalls in the area too.

The route to these waterfalls were well paved, with trees lining the trail. If you don’t want to walk you could also take the escalator, which I think may be very useful when it gets too crowded.

The Huangguoshu Waterfall is a nice place to visit.The Huangguoshu Waterfall is a nice place to visit.

From Anshun, we moved to picturesque Xijiang where we visited the largest Miao Ethnic Village in the world. The village has 1,400-plus households, and were built along the mountain side.

The villages were built on both sides of the river and are connected by several unique bridges that not only serve as important transportation passages, but are also cultural symbols for the Miao people. One of the bridges is called Fengyu Bridge (translated as “wind and rain bridge”) because people can take shelter from the wind and rain while crossing.

We admired the traditional Miao architecture and beautiful natural environment. We also had a photo session where we wore traditional Miao costumes.

Of course, we tried their well-known sour fish soup and it was delicious!

The Qingyan Ancient Town meanwhile is one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou. It was built around the end of the Ming Dynasty and continued right to the early Qing Dynasty. The ancient town is filled with intricately designed and exquisitely crafted buildings from those dynasties. The temples, pavilions and roofs with carved beams and painted rafter created a picturesque scene.

The writer (third from left) with his wife and other tour members at the Qingyun Night Market.The writer (third from left) with his wife and other tour members at the Qingyun Night Market.

We had the opportunity to go round a popular food street called the Qingyun Night Market, where we tasted a variety of local delicacies.

Last on our itinerary was a cultural show from one of the ethnic minorities of Guizhou. The performers showcased their beautiful songs and dances, wearing their traditional dresses. The show was both informative and entertaining.

The views expressed are entirely the reader’s own.

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