Keep your bicycle going! The importance of regular maintenance for your bike

One of the main causes of tyre wear, says Siow, is incorrect air pressure that can be easily rectified.

Few things bring as much joy and freedom as hopping on a bicycle and riding out into the great outdoors.

However, whether you’re a casual rider, a fitness enthusiast, or a seasoned pro, one thing remains constant: the importance of regular maintenance.

Like any well-oiled machine, a bicycle requires care and attention to keep it in optimal condition and ensure a smooth and safe riding experience.

From the wheels that spin tirelessly to the intricate gears that power the machine forward, every component plays a vital role in the seamless operation of the two-wheeler.

In this fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, dedicating a little effort to the regular upkeep of the bicycle can make all the difference, allowing one to relish the joys of cycling without worry.

Folding bikes, says Ng, should be frequently inspected for wear and tear.Folding bikes, says Ng, should be frequently inspected for wear and tear.

The basic service on the two-wheeler should be conducted at least once every three months.

Bicycle boutique owner Jeff Siow, who runs USJ Cycles in Subang Jaya, Selangor, emphasises the significance of proper maintenance for years of usage.

Ng working on a folding bike at his shop in Shah Alam.Ng working on a folding bike at his shop in Shah Alam.“Keeping the bicycle clean and regularly serviced by a technician is important.”

Siow advises paying attention to moving parts, such as the chain and gears, for signs of wear and tear.

Replacing the chain after 2,000km of usage is recommended, as a worn chain can lead to gear complications.

To prolong the lifespan of the drivetrain, Siow suggests regular servicing and cleaning and cultivating a maintenance culture by keeping bikes clean after each ride.

This enhances the bike’s performance and lowers the cost of its upkeep in the long term.

While basic service packages, which include a three-point inspection of the bike’s chain, brakes, and handlebar alignment, are available at reasonable prices, advanced service packages cater to specific needs and conditions.

Neglecting maintenance can lead to severe damage, sometimes rendering repairs futile and the purchase of a new bike necessary.

Apart from servicing components like brake pads, maintaining proper air pressure in the tyres ensures longevity.

Siow said the minimum and maximum air pressures on a tyre are clearly labelled on the sidewall of the bike tyre.

Siow lends his technician a hand.Siow lends his technician a hand.

Folding bicycles, a popular choice for multimodal commuting, demand regular attention to their unique mechanisms.

Siow says cyclists should service their bikes once every three months.Siow says cyclists should service their bikes once every three months.Johnny Ng of My Bicycle Shop in Shah Alam, Selangor, highlights the importance of regularly inspecting folding bikes for safety.

Proper maintenance ensures these bikes remain reliable and noise-free from their locking hinges during rides.

Like any other bicycle, he said the foldies must also be maintained once every three months to ensure roadworthiness.

“Regularly serviced and maintained bicycles will last longer and hardly break down. I have customers still riding their folding bikes that are over 15 years old,” he said.

Ng highlights that high-quality bikes from trusted brands come with a warranty and offer one-on-one replacements for manufacturing defects.

However, he warns against purchasing cheap bikes from internet retailers, as they often compromise safety due to inferior materials and components that lead to breakdowns after just a few rides.

People may initially prefer cheap bikes but eventually face higher repairs and parts replacement expenses in the long run.

An interior view of USJ Cycles in Subang JayaAn interior view of USJ Cycles in Subang Jaya

As for upkeep costs, the average price for regularly servicing a folding bike is approximately RM120 per appointment.

Regardless of the bike type, well-maintained bicycles provide a smooth and safe riding experience, while neglect can lead to costly repairs and compromises in safety.

Cultivating a good maintenance culture is crucial for enjoyable and trouble-free cycling adventures.

So, keep your two-wheeler in tip-top condition and pedal for endless cycling delights.

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