Busy Malaysians revisit Fraser’s Hill after 25 years

Catching the beautiful sunrise.

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When someone in our walking group suggested going on a three-day, two-night holiday in Fraser’s Hill, Pahang, my wife and I were actually not so thrilled by the idea. We were there with our children 25 years ago and had found it to be boring. Nevertheless, just to please the group, we reluctantly agreed to join them.

The Clock Tower was built in 1989.The Clock Tower was built in 1989.After our first trip there, my wife developed a sort of “fear of long drives”, especially one where the roads are winding and the drive is not smooth. It causes her to be dizzy and nauseous. So she really was not looking forward to the drive this time around, and voiced her concern in our group chat.

One of the members of the group encouraged her by telling her, “Trust God for a smooth journey there.” This helped ease her fears a little.

Our journey took just over an hour from Kuala Lumpur. Fraser’s Hill is in the highlands so the air is so much cooler there. When we arrived at the top of hill, the first landmark we saw was the iconic Clock Tower, situated in the heart of town. It is the only clock tower with a mock Tudor design in Malaysia; it was built in 1989.

When we got out of the car, we felt the strong wind against our faces; it was cool and breezy. What blissful weather we had. After strolling around the small beautiful garden, we proceeded to have high tea at Ye Olde Smokehouse, a colonial English-inspired hotel. The restaurant served its famous scones with Earl Grey tea. My wife and I had our tea in the patio, overlooking the hills and rainforest. I joyfully said to my wife, “Dear, this is the life!”

Later, we drove uphill to check into Rumah Methodist, a 10-room bungalow owned by the Methodist church nearby. After dinner, we went for a night walk in the surrounding areas. The temperature was 15°C and it kind of felt like we were in England in autumn.

The reader with his wife at Fraser's Hill. — Photos: SIMON PETER ENGThe reader with his wife at Fraser's Hill. — Photos: SIMON PETER ENG

The next day, we went for horse-riding lessons at the Paddock, an equestrian centre which also had archery activities. The horses here are mostly retired racehorses, so they are used to human interaction. Visitors can ride on them, and those who are taking lessons will be guided by the keeper.

Riding a horse had always been on my bucket list, so this was truly a dream come true for me. It’s an experience that I shall cherish forever.

The next activity was trekking along the Hemmant Trail, which was fairly easy and only 1km long. We took about 30 minutes to walk the trail and we thoroughly enjoyed it. As we exited the trail, we saw a few birdwatchers hiding behind some bushes with their binoculars and cameras.

Fraser’s Hill is a very popular birding or birdwatching destination in Malaysia, mainly because it is home to more than 250 species of wild birds. Some of these birds have migrated from as far as northern Siberia in Russia, and from the islands in the north of Japan.

A group of friends from KL decided to go on a short break at Fraser’s Hill in Pahang.A group of friends from KL decided to go on a short break at Fraser’s Hill in Pahang.

After dinner, we gathered in the common hall to sing Christmas carols and just chat. A choir of laughter could be heard throughout the hall.

The next morning, we woke up at dawn to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. We were captivated by the sight of the glorious sun, basking in the middle of the hills. Shortly after that, the rainforest was covered in a thick blanket of clouds. What a breathtaking scene! We spent an hour or so taking pictures and just enjoying the view.

When it was time for us to depart, my wife and I were enveloped with sadness. Even though we had been sceptical about the trip earlier, it turned out to be an enchanting holiday instead, one filled with beautiful views and camaraderie. Remarkably, too, I got to tick one item off my bucket list, while my wife finally got over her apprehension of long drives.

The views expressed are entirely the reader’s own.

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