Workout, but make it fashion? Enter the 'pink pilates princess' trend


Aside from dressing in athleisure, the pink pilate princess is often seen wearing pink. Photo: AFP

They do pilates, they take care of their bodies and skin, and they like to dress casually, but always in pale pink shades. They drink matcha green tea and smoothies, and they eat a balanced diet.

Meet the "pink pilates princesses". And their aesthetic is taking over social networks, especially TikTok.

According to Urban Dictionary, the pink pilates princess is "a girl (who) spends her time working out, making green juices and smoothies and chugs green tea every night".

You could add to this definition, that she dresses casually, but in a very feminine way, and often in pink.

Indeed, the pink pilates princess trend goes beyond simply doing pilates classes. It's a lifestyle, a state of mind.

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Of course, its devotees practice pilates, an ultra-fashionable activity at the moment, particularly among women. But there's more to it than that. This aesthetic reflects the image of a modern, feminine woman, who's committed to her health and well-being.

On social networks, and particularly on TikTok, this trend translates into posts and videos of young women dressed head-to-toe in athleisure gear, with functional yet feminine clothes suitable for both a workout session and an outing with friends.

The aim is to look chic, but without giving the impression of having made a huge effort.

The pink pilates princess, for example, might wear a simple oversized sweater (or plush sweater) in pink or neutral tones, leggings or yoga pants, Ugg-style boots (quick to slip on after Pilates) or sneakers (dad sneakers especially).

Some opt for a bodysuit (always pink), a sports tank top with a cardigan, or a mini-dress and leggings.

To complete the look, they accessorise with silver jewelry, a ribbon ponytail and a reusable water bottle, like the Stanley Cup.

Evidently, the pink pilates princess likes to meditate, read self-help books, take care of her skin, eat healthily, and drink matcha and tea. She also likes to listen to music, especially Lana Del Rey, it seems.

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This aesthetic is akin to a more feminine version of the "that girl" look. It also borrows from the ballet, coquette and Y2K trends.

The pink-toned outfits and accessories lend a very girly vibe to these women, who create a soft, feminine universe for themselves, in keeping with their state of mind.

Beyond this pastel aesthetic, the pink pilates princess trend is part of a wider phenomenon, that of the "soft girl", an aesthetic that combines softness and strength. – AFP Relaxnews

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