Want to put up your hair in a chic bun? Let Bella Hadid show you how


Bella Hadid scored a viral hit on TikTok by doing nothing more than putting her hair up in a messy bun. Photo: AFP

It doesn't take much these days for TikTokers to turn any trend viral, as Bella Hadid well knows. The runway star created a 15-second video that went viral in less time than it probably took to post, and all for showing how to create a simple messy bun held in place without hair elastics, scrunchies or clips.

It is a hair "hack" that has already notched up millions of views.

But then, not everyone is Hadid. Before we even get on to the subject of her beauty tips, it's important to remember that any video from the supermodel inevitably scores millions of views on the Chinese social network in no time at all.

Hadid getting up from a couch to do a twirl? Four million views. Hadid filming herself waking up? Seven million views.

Hadid picnicking? It garnered over six million views. Hadid eating pizza? More than five million views.

You get the idea. So imagine what happens when she posts a trick – a foolproof hair method – without warning that leaves users stunned. That's right, a veritable tidal wave of likes and views.

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An effortlessly chic bun

The rise of working from home has many advantages. In an effort to squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep, those morning meetings, conferences and other video calls can turn into embarrassing situations if you're suddenly asked to switch on your camera, revealing your still half-asleep face and messy bed hair.

But all that will soon be a thing of the past, because Hadid has the solution.

The American model has just the trick to help mere mortals achieve an effortlessly chic – or at least acceptable – hairstyle when they roll out of bed. And for that, we will be eternally grateful.

Three days ago, the young star, seemingly enjoying a day off in a loft apartment, filmed herself au natural – or almost – with perfectly straightened hair worn loose. And then suddenly, the star with more than seven million followers creates a messy bun.

A simple style that has made a big impact.

In a flash, Hadid simply raises her hair, creating volume on the top of the head. Then she quickly rolls her lengths around into a bun and tucks in the ends. And that's it – job done. The result is a chic messy bun hairstyle that only took a few seconds to create.

A style that anyone can easily recreate after jumping out of bed.

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Blink and you'll miss it

But it is not so much the hairstyle itself that amazed the users of the Chinese social network. At the end of this tutorial – which, by the way, isn't really a how-to at all – the model fixes her hair in place with no accessory needed.

No elastic, no scrunchie, no clip, no barrette... Nothing. A detail for some, perhaps, but not for the many TikTokers who were blown away by this trick.

In reality, Hadid simply pushes her remaining lengths up inside the bun to hold it in place. The technique is neither new nor extraordinary, and people have been doing this for a long time.

Still, to succeed in this magic trick, you need to have hair long enough and thin enough to ensure an optimal hold.

As a result, the runway star's video has more than seven million views and more than one million likes, all in just 72 hours, thank you very much, and for a technique that's theoretically within everyone's reach. Ah, the joys of TikTok. – AFP Relaxnews

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