Beauty Q: How to make eye make-up stay on, and revive greasy or limp hair

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  • Thursday, 16 Oct 2014

Sparkling eyes by Laura Mercier: Apply a thick layer of Caviar Stick Eye Colour, pat on Sequin Eye Colour and finish up with mascara. sub: pls remove words in picture

I'm 23 and I have a tear duct problem with my right eye. It causes tears to involuntarily seep out from the eye at random. I also have a pair of inner double eyelids (it is more than half). Combined with the tear duct issue, this causes the inner folds of my right eye to be very oily when I apply eye make-up. As such, it dissolves whatever make-up I put on, be it primer, powder, waterproof eyeliner or so-called oil-proof eyeshadow. It’s the same even with the more expensive brands, despite claims that they can resist oil. 

I’m at my wit's end. Usually, the make-up at the inner folds of the right eye tends to dissolve after 10 minutes, leaving my eyelid feeling sticky and highly uncomfortable, especially when I blink. I feel like wiping off the dissolved part, but this ruins the rest of the make-up. I become frustrated and end up redoing it, only to have the process repeat itself. I try to dab at the inner corner of the eye constantly when I have make-up on to absorb the tears, but it doesn’t seem to help either. – Alice

According to Laura Mercier chief make-up artist Samson Chan, oily eyelids can be caused by things ranging from hormone changes to face moisturisers. I you have an oily eyelid, you could use an eye base which contains natural clay or silica, like Laura Mercier Eye Basic. It has natural clay that can absorb the oil on the eyelid.

An eye base or primer is helpful as it preps the eyelid and helps your make-up stay on longer. It makes eyeshadow easier to blend as it provides a smooth canvas to apply the colours. At the same time, it can even your skin colour, covering discoloration or visible veins. Eye colours look more vibrant as the pigments stand out better. Some colours, especially powder formulas, appear lighter than they look in the palette. Primers can help you achieve stronger shades.

What’s more important is that primers act as a barrier between the skin and make-up. It can keep oil from the skin away from the eyeshadow, preventing it from fading or smudging. You could use an eye serum instead of an eye cream in the morning to prevent the grease from smudging your eye make-up. Try not to apply eye care on the lid if you have an oily eyelid.

If you like eyeshadow, you will love Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eye Colour, a high impact creamy eye colour that glides onto lids easily. It’s long-wearing and transfer-resistant. Formula sets smoothly after a minute, allowing ample play time.

After setting, the caviar eye colour looks freshly-applied all day. Finish the look with Laura Mercier Creme Eye Liner, a waterproof creamy eyeliner with a smooth silky finish of a gel liner and the precision of a liquid liner. You get a beautiful semi-matte, non-oily finish with full colour coverage. All Laura Mercier eye make-up products are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Laura Mercier will be giving Alice a Laura Mercier Mini Eye Basic, Caviar Stick Eye Colour, Mini Longwear Crème Eye Pencil and Mini Foundation Primer, altogether worth RM250.

I have very greasy and limp hair. Apart from that, I am slowly losing hair, mainly at the crown area. I wash my hair every day, and yet by the next morning my hair becomes very greasy. I have used various brands of shampoo and conditioner, but to no avail. I tried steaming my hair at a salons which claims to promote hair growth. But I don’t see any improvement. What do you recommend? – Tony

Before going into the professional diagnosis, Kerastase trainer Anderson Cheah would like to stress that scalp oiliness is a common condition. It's an acceleration of a naturally-occurring process on the scalp. But it becomes a problem which should be attended to when the symptoms become unpleasant and disturbing. 

If left untreated, both hair and scalp may suffer longterm damage. Beautiful hair depends on a well-balanced scalp condition, and the presence of a hydrolipidic film composed of sebum and sweat. Overactive sebaceous glands are sometimes strongly stimulated by a rush of hormones. This can cause the sebum to flood the scalp and move along the hair, weighing it down.

Sometimes, the scalp may get irritated. This is exacerbated when you use very hot water, harsh products, or rub the scalp vigorously. This is because you would be over-stimulating an already overactive gland. It can be a problem during the teen years when hormones are running wild. The situation may stabilise later, or for some it remains like that for life.

Clients with an oily scalp problem who highlight, dye, or perm their hair sometimes find that the problem goes away. However, when their hair grows out, they suffer from oily roots and dry ends.

Based on your situation, you could try improving your hair and scalp condition by going for an in-salon Masquagil treatment every two weeks. This helps to deeply purify the dermis, calm irritation, refresh the scalp, and regulate sebum production.

At home, shampoo your hair with Bain Clarifiant, a targeted clarifying hair bath for overactive oily scalp and hair. It serves to deeply cleanse the scalp and regulate excessive sebum production. The scalp is left feeling clean and fresh, and your hair becomes fuller, naturally soft and silky.

Regenerate your hair with a leave-in tonic such as Amenixil GLM which can help reduce the rate of hair loss. Texturise your hair with Initialiste which contains the Regenerator Complex that encourages the growth of quality hair fibres.

Kerastase will be giving Tony a Kerastase Bain Clarifiant and Initialiste, worth RM265.

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