Katz Tales: When cats claw and knead to show affection

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Cats express their love in many different ways. Common behaviour includes purring, headbutts, and kneading.

Some behaviour is easy to understand: A headbutt is a cat's way of giving you a kiss because cats have scent glands around their lips.

Purrs are just like conversations. There is anxious purring at the vet, excited purring during games, and sleepy comfort purring at night.

But clawing and kneading can be confusing. To us humans, the potential injury from claws is worrying. Also, cats often forget that we don’t have fur. So they sometimes forget we’re quite delicate.

However, in cat culture, kneading is both an instinctive behaviour and a way to express delight.

Kittens knead their mummy's tummy to get the milk flowing when they're suckling. When kittens grow up, they associate kneading with pleasure.

You will see them knead after dinner, when they’re full and happy. Or if they’re standing on their favourite blanket or throw. They also knead their cats friends when they’re grooming each other.

So, when your pet stands on top of you, stamping their feet slowly up and down, while sticking their claws in and out of you, don't be alarmed; this is the ultimate sign of contentment.

If you're being trampled and clawed a little, perhaps with a purry furry headbutt, it means your cat is your No.1 fan!

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