Ancient Secrets: How to keep the evil eye from causing you harm

The blue eye bead should be hung at the doorway of a house to ward off the evil gaze. Photo: T. Selva

Every individual comes under an unseen threat the moment he or she steps out of their home, which the metaphysical world calls the evil eye spell.

The negative gaze can be delivered intentionally or unknowingly by relatives, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances, and the results can be destructive on your well-being.

And, in almost all traditions, there are several ancient ways to ward off, avoid, repel, remove or reduce the targeted dark forces.

I was fortunate to learn some effective techniques to fight the hurling of the evil eye from renowned shaman healer Denise Linn in the United States, Vasthu Sastra expert Master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India, and several other experts in Indonesia and Australia.

Although we are unable to recognise the intangible and invisible unfavourable energy we face, most traditions believe people convey the unhealthy stare innocently or involuntarily.

According to some beliefs, no one can escape another person’s ability to generate the energy of jealousy, envy or ill thoughts about the beauty and success of another individual.

People who are more prone to this kind of scrutiny are those who appear in media frequently, pregnant women, children and those on the public stage.

The casting of the evil eye also easily affects people who have purchased a new vehicle or house, or have a new high-paying job, or often travels. Even those wearing a new dress or jewellery are not exempt.

Some powerful gawking by certain people can often turn to misfortune – for example, you falling sick, experiencing dullness, low mood and drained energy, meeting with an accident and having ill luck.

The general guideline to evade evil eyes is not to boast about your good fortune or success but act modestly. You can also protect yourself by using certain images, amulets and objects that can fight off the malicious force.

The aim of the various remedies is to distract or overpower the evil eye’s gaze.

One of the most favoured accessories worn on the body is blue eye beads which come in the form of a pendant, bracelet or earring. It can also be displayed on house doors or a vehicle as an object to divert unwanted focus.

Blue is used to indicate spiritual protection.

Ten ways to protect against the evil eye

1. Coconut ritual: Take a coconut in your right hand, circle it over your head three times and visualise the ill forces that are affecting you. Imagine the coconut’s eyes as the evil eyes and smash the coconut on the road away from your house. This can also be performed in a temple.

2. Aura cleansing: Get a person who is older than you to burn some camphor and move the flame over your body from head to foot three or more times to burn away the force that is shrouding your aura. Following this, the fire must be left outside the property compound and you should take a warm shower to restore yourself with new energy.

3. Lime therapy: Take a lime and run it over your body from head to the sole of your foot by yourself three or more times. Dispose the lime after cutting it into half.

4. Egg remedy: Move an egg around the troubled person three or more times while chanting mantras or prayers aimed at the unhealthy glance. Take the egg outside the property and smash it on the crossroads.

5. Evil eye repellent: Hang a blue eye bead or dill herb on the main door or entrance of the property to ward off unwanted focus by visitors to your property.

6. Salt cleansing: Prepare a fire and pass a handful of salt around the affected person’s head three or more times. Toss the salt into the fire.

7. Magnet power: Take a magnet and run it over your body, ending at the sole of your feet, several times before throwing the magnet into a fire. Magnets have the power to pull the evil eye off the affected person.

8. Black cumin: Wrap some black cumin seeds in paper or cloth and swing it before the eyes of the affected person several times. Burn the package in a fire and when the seeds snap, it is an indication that the evil eye cast has cracked. If no sound is heard try other stronger methods.

9. Mirror talisman: Mirrors have the power to reflect the evil eye straight back where it came from. Mirrors strategically arranged on the doorway of a house or a small mirror sewn onto your clothing can reflect unwanted attention on your property or yourself.

10. Palm leaves: Collect 21 palm leaves and tie them into a knot in the shape of a garland and wave it around the afflicted person. Next, take a pot and place the garland, an old shoe and a broom in the room of the person overnight, keeping the items covered. The next morning, dispose the pot’s contents at the crossroads or burn the garland outside the property compound.

To find out whether the force of the evil eye has been removed, place three fresh drops of oil into a pan of fresh water. If the drops remain round and distinct, the eye is gone.

T. Selva is the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. You can follow him on twitter at @tselvas and write to him at This column appears on the last Friday of every month.

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