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  • Sunday, 31 Dec 2017

The year 2018 is forecast to bring some good and some challenging times for the various astrological signs based on the Indian almanac.

The current unfavourable transit position of Jupiter and Saturn will affect the global economy and several zodiac signs for another 2½ years.

The good news is the property market, which has been slow over the past year, will pick up gradually from January.

The gold and textile industries are expected to be softer than in 2017, while the stock market will not be healthy.

Seventh generation astrologer and Vasthu Sastra master Yuvaraj Sowma sat with me last weekend in Chennai, India, to jointly analyse what the future holds for the various zodiac signs.

The Indian calendar is based on moon signs or rasi. Readers should note that Western astrology is based on sun signs. If, say, your Western astrological star sign is Aries, your sign under the Indian system might not be the same.

Consult an astrologer to determine your moon sign – it is too complicated to explain that here.

And don’t be disheartened if your forecast indicates an unfavourable period ahead. You can avert the worst by performing prayers and spiritual activities, doing good deeds and performing acts of charity to mitigate negative planetary forces.

ariesAries (Mesha)

Congratulations. All your desires will be fulfilled because of the wonderful position of transit of Jupiter and Saturn.

Finance: Additional income from other sources will reach you as per your expectations.

Health: You will enjoy favourable health and may get ample opportunities to receive the best treatment if you are taking medication.

Real estate: You are likely to buy and sell a property or vehicle and receive gains.

Career: Several new business options might become available and all of them are likely to be profitable. Exercise caution and don’t overdo anything.

Relationship: Matters at home will run smoothly and your love life will turn sweet. Romance will bloom if you are single and you are likely to find your life partner.

Taurus (Rishabam)

Challenging situations pertaining to money, family matters and past mistakes will surface and you will have to exercise caution and patience.

Finance: Your monthly income may hit an all-time low if you are into business and you may have to find a new way to earn.

Health: Reduce fatty food and maintain your regular medical check-ups.

Real estate: Tension is expected. Avoid buying property.

Career: Be on guard because uncertainties are developing in your work place.

Relationship: Pending matters in the family may end in dispute. Avoid making important decisions. Support and encouragement from loved ones will be lacking.

geminiGemini (Mithunam)

You will find relief from whatever has been troubling you for a long time owing to the favourable planetary position.

Finance: A friend or previous boss will approach you with exciting news that will improve your earnings.

Health: The path to recovery is indicated if you have been suffering from a long illness.

Real estate: Your relatives may be concerned with the sale of or purchase of a property but your presence will ease the process.

Career: Focus on your working environment by directing your energy towards changing or improving yourself or your image or status.

Relationship: You will no longer be subject to limitation, anger, frustration or emotional pressure. An old friend or lover will return or call when you least expect it.

cancerCancer (Kataka)

You need to put in all your effort and try to complete the tasks at hand and fulfil most of your desires because the going will be good.

Finance: Your mind will be preoccupied with what you should do with the money in hand. Consider carefully where to sow the seeds so that you may reap the benefits later on.

Health: Good health will prevail and you will find solutions to any pain and minor ailments.

Real estate: This is the time to put your money into land and property. Try to complete the entire process of investment in real estate before June.

Career: This is the right time to consider a new position and move to a distant place.

Relationship: Your love life will be exciting. There will be a lot of merry-making due to a marriage in the family, purchase of new vehicle and travel.

Leo (Simha)

You should take advantage of the favourable period in the first half of 2018, which is going to be a problem-solving year.

Finance: Increments and increases in options will be more likely and there could be some change in your lifestyle.

Health: Body aches and fever may affect you and you should take your meals on time.

Real estate: Take a closer look at current prevailing dealings because a positive reply may be expected regarding government deeds and building contracts.

Career: Frequent travel is indicated and opportunities to gain more income will arise. A tendency to try complex or devious ways may be present.

Relationship: Though you may fall in love, it would not necessarily be a pleasant experience and you may end up getting hurt. Your love life will be average.

Virgo (Kanya)

Try to complete as much important work that depends more on luck before July. You will run into conflicts, which will require a great deal of emotional control, but you will soon learn how to gain control again.

Finance: You will review your finances or contracts and make an effort to collect money that is owed. Hard work to meet your commitments is forecast and you will have to slow down on expansion plans in view of financial constraints. Do not take any risk in ventures.

Health: Take extra precautions during the second half of the year and practise deep breathing exercises to reduce a feeling of heaviness in the chest.

Real estate: Do not discuss matters regarding land or property with relatives as they may add confusion to existing issues.

Career: You will get some rewarding news, as well as assistance or recognition in your career. If you are a writer, you will achieve success.

Relationship: You may find it difficult to establish rapport with your spouse and the relationship will be difficult.

Libra (Thula)

You are likely to stay focused and charged up, and life will move on the fast track. You will not have time to look into any aspect except the one you are obsessed with.

Finance: Some financial improvement will happen and money that was stuck in places may find its way into your bank account.

Health: The recent Saturn transit indicates that you will enjoy good health and stay fit.

Real estate: You are urged not to make any investments as you could be cheated.

Career: It would be excellent but all you need to do is avoid delaying the work at hand or carelessly delegating it to others.

Relationship: Children would be the greatest source of happiness and contentment. Your faith in god and religion will be at the extreme and you will find inner peace.

Scorpio (Vrichika)

There will be overall improvement in all aspects compared to the last three years. The first half of the year will be full of enthusiasm with you attending functions and parties.

Finance: Business will expand and finances will increase. Even after achieving a lot there will be certain unresolved issues.

Health: You will feel pressured to take on more than you care to handle and this may affect your health.

Real estate: It is better not to make any purchases as you will run into problems.

Career: It would be unwise to take sides in a dispute between two groups. Avoid acting as mediator for another firm or you are likely to find yourself in trouble.

Relationship: Pay attention to your partner and work on developing a strong bond.

Sagittarius (Dhanus)

Speed up to complete all your important activities and projects during the first six months of the year because there may be high stress both at home and in the office the rest of the year.

Finance: Caution is the key word whenever you decide to do anything that involves money. People may take advantage of your kindness during this period.

Health: You will be concerned about the health of an important member in your family, but you yourself are in need of rest.

Real estate: Do not rush to deal with legal issues of real estate particularly. Seek professional advice before making a decision.

Career: There are some profitable business deals in the offing during the first half of the year but their progress will be slow.

Relationship: You will have fluctuating moods caused by job-related or personal problems. Keep your emotions under control.

Capricorn (Makara)

It will be important to keep your overconfidence in check and maintain your intellectual independence and integrity. People working or living close to you may be driven by their selfish instincts.

Finance: This could be a satisfactory year and you may tend to overspend on unwanted things.

Health: If you are into activities that require you to move about a great deal or use your legs more then any other part of body, then guard against injury.

Real estate: Try to complete important real estate deals during the first half of this year or you will not be able to complete the deal due to unexpected situations.

Career: This fresh year would be excellent for your moon sign thanks to the auspicious position of other planets.

Relationship: If you are eagerly searching for your life partner then you may find him or her but there will be obstacles.

Aquarius (Kumbha)

Despite the favourable period you will be enjoying in the coming year, you will be tensed by worries about a change in job although nothing really will happen.

Finance: Further investment that is already yielding steady profits should be continued. You will develop a meaningful partnership and increase your profits.

Health: You will find solutions to health issues.

Real estate: It is advisable to concentrate on other aspects of wealth and investment and not real estate.

Career: A strong desire to advance your career or your business is likely to take you to greater heights. Be patient and plan your projects carefully.

Relationship: Your father’s health may be a cause for concern during the first half of the year. There will be a series of blocks in love and relationship matters.

Pisces (Meena)

The stress level is likely to be high as two planets, Saturn and Jupiter, are not in favourable places for your moon sign. The second half of the year may start showing up the expected symptoms of restlessness and lack of sleep. Do not let your ego clash with your associates’, which may make things worse.

Finance: During this year you will wonder where your next money is coming from and to make matters worse, every time you turn around another expense will arise. Despite all this, you will somehow juggle well and solve all problems.

Health: Upsetting conditions or pressures are going to cause a previous health problem to resurface, and that problem may need medical attention.

Real estate: You need to remain cautious as possibilities for loss are indicated in an important property dealing.

Career: Avoid haste and anger when dealing with important situations and do not act in a vengeful manner as this may make things worse.

Relationship: You will not be ready to commit to or become much involved in a new relationship and this may be due to an emotional attachment to a love relationship that has recently fizzled out. Stay away from backbiting family members.

T. Selva is the author of the Vasthu Sastra Guide and is the first disciple of 7th-generation Vasthu Sastra master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India. You can follow him on twitter at @tselvas and write to him at This column appears on the last Sunday of every month.

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