Starchild: Malaysian children think the world of their grandparents

Lim Sheng Hao, 9

Grandparents play an important role in a family. Many children share a unique connection with their grandparents who often dote on them and shower them with unconditional love. Sometimes grandparents are playmates to their grandkids. But, most often, they are mentors and great role models.

Grandparents who are involved in the upbringing of their grandchildren can contribute to a child’s well-being.

Grandparents are also respected for their wealth of knowledge and seemingly infinite wisdom. Here’s what Starchild readers had to say on the topic, Grandparents.

 Lara Anneliese Alcantra, 5Lara Anneliese Alcantra, 5

Chia Yee Fern, 11Chia Yee Fern, 11

“My maternal grandmother loves cooking, while my maternal grandfather loves singing. My paternal granddad loves gardening, and my paternal grandma loves baking,” writes Chia Yee Fern, 11.

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 7Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 7

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, seven, says she’s blessed to have wonderful grandparents. “My grandparents show their love to me in various ways – my paternal grandma compiles my Starchild drawings weekly. My maternal grandma keeps newspaper comics for me and read them to me when I was too little to read on my own. My Gong Gong buys chocolate bread and waffles for me whenever he goes to the shop. My Yeh Yeh always lets me enjoy my cartoons of choice on television.”

Asher Wang Qi Chuen, 4Asher Wang Qi Chuen, 4

Younger brother Asher Wang Qi Chuen, four, thinks his grandparents are loving senior citizens. “I have two grandfathers who are tall and friendly. My grandmothers are slim, and they are former teachers. They shower me with treats and trinkets because they love me very much. I love them too!”

Wong Zhi Ying, 8Wong Zhi Ying, 8

Eight-year-old Wong Zhi Ying enjoys the time spent with her loving grandparents. “My grandpa is 90, and my grandma is 85. However, they have different interests and hobbies. Grandpa enjoys watching television, while grandma likes to do sports and cook. Both my grandparents are short, and they were both born in Penang.”

Aleehsa Kaur Saini and Shanaya Kaur Saini's grandparentsAleehsa Kaur Saini and Shanaya Kaur Saini's grandparents

“I am lucky to grow up in my grandparents’ house. I love my Dada (grandfather) and Dadi (grandmother) very much. My Dada always plays with me, and my Dadi feeds me lunch every day. Grandparents are a blessing. I love them very much,” writes Shanaya Kaur Saini, seven.

Older sibling Aleesha Kaur Saini, 11, writes: “My grandparents take care of the entire family with utmost love and care. It is a blessing if you are staying with your grandparents. I am very lucky to have my grandparents by my side. My grandmother loves me very much and ensures that I have a good meal before bed. I will love them till eternity.”

Wong Cheng Yang, 8Wong Cheng Yang, 8Nine-year-old Lim Sheng Hao thinks the world of his grandparents. They own a grocery shop in Kedah. “They work very hard even though they are old. My grandpa is 67. He is skinny and tall. He likes to eat Chinese food, and sometimes he eats nasi kandar. But no matter what he eats, he likes to add soy sauce to the dish. My grandma is a friendly person. She enjoys gardening and cooking. I love her skilful cooking, especially chicken curry.”

“One of my favourite grandparents is my grandmother. She is 65. She is tall, thin and kind. She always comforts me when I cry. I love her so much,” writes Wong Cheng Yang, eight.

Younger sibling Wong Jie Ern, six, says: “My grandma is plump with curly hair. She cooks dinner for us every day. She likes to buy bread, dresses, and shirts for me. I love my grandma so much.”

Wong Jie Ern, 6Wong Jie Ern, 6

Nine-year-old Jayden Tan Li Sheng’s maternal grandmother looks after his siblings and him when his parents are at work. “I am close to my grandma. She always close to my grandma. She always cooks us dinner. I like her cooking, especially the chicken soy sauce and pumpkin soup. Sometimes, she teaches me Mandarin.

“I will spend time watching television with her during the weekends and after I have done my school homework. I love her very much.”

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 9Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 9

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