Starchild: Malaysian kids have cool ideas for inventions for the future

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  • Saturday, 20 Aug 2022

Jayden Tan Li Sheng, 9

We received a good response to the topic, Inventions. Starchild readers are certainly a creative bunch who wrote about ingenious ways to fix problems.

Did you know that a number of cool inventions like a Popsicle, earmuffs and water skis were invented by teenagers?

Visually impaired Louis Braille was just 15 years old when he invented the raised series of dots that make up the Braille alphabet for blind people.

Here are the second batch of letters on the topic, Inventions.

Nine-year-old Jayden Tan Li Sheng wants to create more eco-friendly cars. “In the olden days, horse carriages were used to get from one place to another. I feel grateful that we now have many types of transportation invented for our convenience to travel the world. I wish in the future, more cars will use solar energy.”

Liew Shan Ting, 10Liew Shan Ting, 10

“My invention is a pair of flying shoes. It’s a unique shoe to help anyone travel to different places. First, it can help working people reach any place on time and never be late for meetings. Secondly, it can help people to see things from a higher view. Finally, my invention is helpful for me as I can use it to go to school quickly,” writes Liew Shan Ting, 10.

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 7Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, 7

Bethany Wang Qi Syuen, seven, wants to invent a house helper robot to help parents with their house chores. “With this handy machine at home, parents can spend more quality time with their children.”

Khor Shin Rei, 11Khor Shin Rei, 11

Khor Shin Rei, 11, wants to invent a robot bear. “My invention is called Pikabear. It is a very special robot bear because it can keep lonely people company. The robot can chat with people and it has a built in alarm clock to keep track of time.”

Wong Cheng Yang, 8Wong Cheng Yang, 8

“If I had the chance to invent something, it would be called ‘transformers chair’. It has buttons on it. If we click a button, it can transform into a bed or car! I think everyone will like it so much,” says Wong Cheng Yang, eight.

“My invention would be a flying Lamborghini. My special car can also transform into Marvel heroes during an emergency,” writes Chuah Seng Koon, seven.

Sean Ong, 11Sean Ong, 11

“My invention is a special sensor switch which can allow consumers to save on electricity. I hope people will buy it for their homes,” writes Sean Ong, 11.

Lim Ken Zie, 11Lim Ken Zie, 11

Lim Ken Zie, 11, wants to create a cake divider that can be used to cut paper too. “To make different patterns, there is a divider that moves according to the design. So I think my invention is beneficial.”

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