Syamsul Yusof and Puteri Sarah on better terms after divorce? Fans think so

By MStar

Syamsul Yusof has always had a good relationship with his children. Photos: Syamsul Yusof/Instagram via mStar

On Monday (June 26), director-actor Syamsul Yusof shared a photo of his daughter, Sumayyah, crying on Instagram.

In the caption, he wrote: "Father is strict as (a sign of) love."

Fans theorised that the photo was taken while Syamsul was making a video call with his daughter.

They came to this conclusion after noticing the gold bracelet seen on the woman's wrist, who was holding the four-year-old. They believed it to be Puteri Sarah's bracelet.

"I saw Puteri Sarah doing live streaming earlier, it's definitely her bracelet.

"During the session, Puteri Sarah said she wanted to contact (Syamsul) to scold Syaikul and Sumayyah because they were being mischievous.

"It's the beginning of a better relationship ...," commented one of the fans.

Similarly, many were glad that Syamsul and Puteri Sarah had mended their relationship after months of conflict.

The two divorced on June 14, with Syamsul pronouncing talak (divorce) before Judge Akmalluddin Ilyas in a closed session at the Syariah Lower Court in Kuala Lumpur.

The court ordered Puteri Sarah to observe a three-month 'iddah' (waiting period) and register their divorce.

The marital conflict between Syamsul and Puteri Sarah began soon after Syamsul revealed on Jan 6 that he had taken a second wife, Ira Kazar.

It worsened in the following months with Syamsul refusing to divorce Puteri Sarah, and both filing different court applications including one where Syamsul accused Puteri Sarah of being unfaithful during their marriage.

Is that really Puteri Sarah's hand? Is that really Puteri Sarah's hand?

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