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20 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Young Turks face off in pendulum seat

Two rising stars – MCA’s ‘Ah Chong’ and DAP’s Anthony Loke – are vying for the Seremban parliamentary seat, which is known to be somewhat of a pendulum seat.

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18 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Not feeling the mood yet

Both sides of the political divide are as ready as it gets but Pakatan’s PM candidate may find it hard to catch up with the energy and clout of his Barisan rival.

Down to the wire: Dr Mahathir’s crusade against Umno and Najib has been extremely personal and it will be a fight to the end.
17 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

A battle for their hearts and minds

The real fight in Johor revolves around an ambitious quest by DAP to be the king of the Chinese hill.

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11 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Not everything turned to gold

THE music seems to have come to a stop at Langkawi’s version of the French Riviera.

11 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Temple with great feng shui

IN Langkawi, it is hard to tell the millionaires from the ordinary folk because the moneyed class goes around dressed no differently from the average person.

Chor: Millionaire who spends his time in the temple.
11 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Showdown in paradise island

A political drama is unfolding in Langkawi, with the man they call Che Det at the centre of it all. The islanders are now torn between whether to vote for the past or for the future.

New dilemma: Dr Mahathir's foot print is everywhere in Langkawi, where his name still carries weight.
10 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

Dragons to clash in Ayer Hitam

DAP rising star Liew Chin Tong has confirmed that he will take on Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong in the Ayer Hitam parliamentary seat in the general election (GE14).

4 Mar 2018 | 7:00 AM

A cursed but coveted seat

The political landscape in Selangor has changed. The state may no longer be a Pakatan Harapan fortress without PAS to bring in the Malay vote.

27 Feb 2018 | 7:57 PM

Defending the Sugar King

PETALING JAYA: Stupid, “takda telur” (no balls), “ayam betina” (chicken). These were some of the colourful terms used by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who has been accused of taking the debate over alleged political funding by billionaire Robert Kuok to an insane level.

25 Feb 2018 | 7:00 AM

So close, yet so hard to read

What is happening? This is supposed to be the mother of all elections, yet the average person seems disinterested in what is going on in politics while there are people talking about not voting or spoiling their vote.

Deep crack: The next general election is seen as a battle of personalities with Dr Mahathir trying to make a comeback and topple his handpicked successor Najib. Also in the picture are Dr Mahathir’s prospective deputy Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (far right) and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (far left).