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1 Nov 2018 | 7:00 AM

When comments may lead to contempt

I RECENTLY wrote about the Anti-Fake News Act and the Sedition Act. Some readers are asking why I have not been commenting on the country’s current issues, particularly regarding vessels of one type or another.

18 Oct 2018 | 7:00 AM

Keep the Sedition Act!

The repeal of the Sedition Act should not be rushed into, it should either be amended or replaced by another Act.

4 Oct 2018 | 7:00 AM

Senate mindset must change

By voting against the Bill to repeal the Anti-Fake News Act, some senators have ignored what the rakyat want.

20 Sep 2018 | 7:00 AM

Anwar’s PD move makes sense

IN MY column, I have always aimed at making readers aware of the legal issues involved in different situations in an objective manner. I have not joined a political party since I started working, but today I have decided after much reflection to write on a political matter.

6 Sep 2018 | 7:00 AM

Controversial law still has a place

WE celebrated National Day last week with the usual pomp and pageantry. It is a reminder that our country’s independence is precious and that we must always appreciate and safeguard it.

23 Aug 2018 | 7:00 AM

Direct to Industrial Court?

Doing away with screening process for employees complaining of unfair dismissal will save time and ensure fairness.

9 Aug 2018 | 7:00 AM

What to do next when you’re fired

Employment is well protected under Malaysian law. If there is no just cause for termination, an employee must know how to challenge the employer’s action.

26 Jul 2018 | 7:00 AM

Justice must be fair and speedy

MY last article (“About police action and inaction”, July 12, 2018) received quite a bit of response. In it, I discussed whether certain ways in which police personnel act is proper or not.

12 Jul 2018 | 7:00 AM

About police action and inaction

There can be situations where the law is obeyed and yet the conduct is improper.

28 Jun 2018 | 7:00 AM

It’s really an unnecessary law

NOW that the dust has settled after GE14, it is time for me to return to topics that more immediately affect day-to-day life in Malaysia.