Mimos builds intelligent prison system

Jinjang prison inmates are being kept in check with an intelligent lock-up management system, which detects suspicious behaviour. 

Footage from surveillance cameras installed in the cells, walkways and along the perimeters of the prison is fed through an analytics system, which recognises behaviour such as fighting, loitering, climbing, vandalism and suicidal tendencies.

A 3D location marker then pinpoints the incident area and an alert is sent out to the prison authorities. 

Mimos, the national applied research and development centre for information and communications technology, developed the system together with the Royal Malaysian Police. They are piloting the system in the Jinjang prison before rolling it out nationwide.

Called Smart (Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Technology), the system also runs wirelessly, allowing authorised users access to up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

Access to the system can also be extended to authorised users in the district, state and national level.

Mimos said that the solution could also be used at immigration detention depots, juvenile facilities, rehabilitation centres, correctional facilities and other detention centres.

The research lab said that public and institutional safety are one of its highest national priority areas, which demands the use of advanced ICT technologies.

It believes the ability to respond and intervene faster using intelligent behavioural analysis will lead to improved public perception towards lock-up security.

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