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Couple gets married wearing secondary school uniforms

A young couple in Kulim, Kedah, decided to go against traditional norms by wearing their secondary school uniforms as bridal outfits on their wedding day.   

The pair, Muhammad Hasifi Azman and Siti Nor Zaimah Mat Daud, both 24, said they wanted to remember the days spent together at SMK Sungai Karangan from 2006 to 2010.  

It was a dream come true for Siti Nor Zaimah, who had once told Muhammad Hasifi about her wish to wear her school uniform on their big day. 

Muhammad Hasifi had always waited for her outside the gate before they entered the school together, said the bride, recalling the old days. 

> Man-eating croc caught in Sungai Undai  

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation said a 2.27m long female crocodile, which killed a man early this month, was captured in the Sungai Undai waterway in Pusa last Friday.   

The 200kg reptile was pulled up about 100m from the site where victim, Besmililah Rajali, 46, was attacked on March 8.   

The crocodile ate one of seven baited hooks installed along the river.  

The victim was attacked by the crocodile when he was in the river with three friends before his body was found with bite marks the next day.