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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

One-way flow and U-turns in Seri Kembangan cause confusion

Stuck: The exit into the Besraya highway has become a bottleneck due to the U-turns along Jalan Besar.

Stuck: The exit into the Besraya highway has become a bottleneck due to the U-turns along Jalan Besar.

THE new one-way street system in Seri Kembangan is receiving mixed reviews from road users.

The re-routing exercise has turned Jalan Besar, Jalan SK12/1 and Jalan Raya 1 into a one-way street.

Meanwhile, the traffic lights have been replaced with the construction of two U-turns that motorists will have to use to get to Jalan Utama and Jalan Serdang Perdana from the Besraya Highway.

Motorists from the Besraya Highway also have to make a U-turn at the KTM Serdang or the Serdang Petronas station to get to Seri Kembangan.

While the new traffic system has eased traffic along Jalan Besar, there have been mixed reactions from the public.

Motorist Mustafa Kamal, 45, said there were not enough signboards showing the traffic flow changes.

“As someone who does not visit Seri Kembangan regularly, I would not know about the new changes.

“The signboards are inadequate and I did not know that we had to make a U-turn to go into Seri Kembangan,” he said.

The U-turns had also confused motorists.

“As there are no U-turn signboards, I was queuing up behind another car for almost five minutes. It was only when I reached the junction that I realised it was a U-turn and had to change lanes,” said 33-year-old housewife Amanda Lee.

The U-turns had also caused a bottleneck in front of South City Plaza with impatient motorists cutting lanes.

Teacher Zarif Osman, 36, said motorists had tried to make an immediate left turn after the U-turn and it had caused some congestion.

“Motorists should be courteous and respect each other, to avoid accidents,” he said.

Meanwhile, motorists are enjoying the smooth flow along Jalan Besar to the Jalan Raya 1 junction where the road had been turned into a one-way lane.

Housewife Yvonne Lee said the changes had certainly eased the bad traffic that had been plaguing Jalan Besar for years.

“I would usually get stuck in traffic for at least half an hour to reach the exit to The Mines. But now it only takes me 15 minutes,” she said.

She added that the four lanes have helped with the traffic.

“Now, only the road in front of South City Plaza is congested. I hope the authorities can solve that problem soon,” said Lee.

According to Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah, the Public Works Department (JKR) is monitoring the situation.

“We can see that traffic has eased in the town centre and we know the road to the Besraya Highway has become a bottleneck due to the U-turns,” he said.

He added that the re-routing exercise would remain and necessary action taken to resolve any problems that crop up.

“I hope residents and road users will be patient and understand the situation as the project will benefit them in the long run,” said Ean Yong.

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