Published: Monday May 12, 2014 MYT 12:40:00 PM
Updated: Monday May 12, 2014 MYT 12:56:24 PM

Tutorials: Peroxide blond for guys

Men, here are three videos that show you how to get Adam Levine’s new look.

Tom Brady and Adam Levine have both gone blond recently. Here are a few tutorials to show you how to achieve the same look.

Short & dark to silver

This video (above) shows stylist Elizabeth Playle using scalp bleach and peroxide to colour short dark hair silvery white. She processes the hair under the heat, reapplying for even coverage. She adds a colour touch for a silver look, then shampoos, conditions and applies macadamia oil. 

Brown & curly to white

Blogger Alex Barrientos has this at-home method. He bleaches his hair for 50 minutes, then uses a violet toner for around 30 minutes to take the copper out, then applies more toner, wraps his hair in cellophane and leaves it overnight. Repeat applications of the shampoo and a platinum colour restore product get him to his desired colour. The ideal technique, he says: bleach your hair, then mix violet toner with white conditioner for the perfect results all in one go.

Dark & straight to bleached blond

Singaporean actor Nat Ho wanted to find out whether blonds have more fun or not. He went the salon route for his bleached blond crop cut. The staff apply skin protector, then bleach his hair four times to strip out natural colour, wrapping it in plastic wrap and heating it. He gets the desired effect but suggests you watch out for breakages, as the hair is weakened by the treatment. – AFP Relaxnews

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