Seven reasons why it’s time to upgrade your laptop

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  • Friday, 28 Aug 2020

The HP A6

A laptop is as essential as your mobile phone and that cup of frothy cold coffee with whipped cream.

Whether you’re a student burning the midnight oil cramming in research and tweaking your thesis, or an office wonder-kid just juggling difficult clients and endless reports, the fact remains: the laptop is a part of you. You’d be frustrated if it’s slow, froze or died on you.

But your little snazzy machine, like most of us, slows down on certain days. Maybe it isn’t keeping up with the hectic pace of your life?

Working from home means your laptop needs to fire up quickly, and needs to be compact enough for you to tote to the office if the boss calls for a last-minute meeting. And let’s be honest, very few of us actually gather in the office anymore. Add in video-conferencing in the new normal working life, and you pray each time your speakers work or the microphone is okay.

Students aren’t even in lecture halls and classrooms – they’re learning online. Execs and managers are meeting virtually, one or two at home still in their pyjamas at lunchtime.

The new normal has made us adapt to things such as social distancing, which means working remotely, and that makes the laptop our lifeline and our best friend.

With technology evolving and improving in leaps and bounds, surely you’ve wondered more than once if it’s time to upgrade your beloved, trusty two-year-old laptop to a more snazzy one that performs so well it keeps your life organised but stops short of doing your laundry? (Your Mum would just love it if your laptop did that instead of you dropping it off at her place.)

It can be confusing, we know – upgrade or wait? Buy this or that? Do I need the extra RAM or not?

So many choices. Where to begin?

The IT experts at Harvey Norman are here to help you wade through all the information coming at you from well-intentioned friends and eager sales guys. Here, they share helpful tips on the absolute essential factors to consider.

No complicated, code-writing geek hacker-level stuff – just the really helpful things you can tick off your list when laptop-shopping.

The Harvey Norman Modern PCs are what you need. Trust us. We’ll tell you why.

Let’s dive in!

Loaded and ready to go

1. All-day, everyday

Of course we’re talking about battery life. Nobody – and we literally mean nobody – wants the power juice to run out just as we’re about to click send on that email or save the presentation you spent nights working on. The ultimate nightmare – your laptop battery conks out just as you’re about to click ‘Save’.

The Harvey Norman Modern PCs, powered by lithium batteries and the latest battery technology, give you the freedom to work remotely wherever you feel like parking yourself that day (bedroom, cafe, best friend’s kitchen, we hear you). Not only is there all that power under the hood, these Modern PCs are also light and thin. No more bulky laptop backpacks to spoil your style.

The HP A6 14in Windows 10 Notebook incorporates both long-lasting battery life and fast-charge technology, letting you work and play all day, with added ample storage space for photos, videos and music.

2. Boot up, let’s go

If we say solid-state drives, some of you might feel your eyes glazing over. Some might perk up and lean in for a closer look. But listen, these solid-state drives (or SSDs, if you want to appear cleverer) are what help your Modern PCs to boot up instantly (yes, really) and help you find that file among your dozens of folders, real quick before you can gulp down that first sip of coffee.

What we’re saying is, the SSD is super-important to your laptop’s performance. How many times have you drummed your fingers impatiently while your file explorer gets its act together as it searches for that one file you need right now? Or you’re waiting for the laptop to come to life and when it does, you’ve already texted three people?

The Harvey Norman Modern PCs come with SSDs that make the machines quick and efficient. In simple English, lightning-fast load times even when you have half a dozen windows open (Photoshop, InDesign, etc), which means, students who use a lot of design and graphics features or even professional video editors, will find these Modern PCs faster than that sports car they’re saving up for.

Consider the Huawei MateBook D 15in R5 RV8 W10 Notebook which draws on two hard drive slots to deliver both speed and power, blending the rapid response times of its 256GB SSD and the exceptional data memory of its 1TB HDD, handling all tasks with ease.

The Huawei MateBook DThe Huawei MateBook D

3. Responds well to your commands

Whether you’re shoulder-deep in the latest RPG game or editing that social media video, the Harvey Norman Modern PC has you covered when intensive apps are on. Thanks to these Modern PCs coming ready with the latest built-in Intel processors, you won’t get frustrated by lags or slowdowns when you want to switch seamlessly between multiple apps.

These processors make these Modern PCs run 200% faster than a five-year-old PC, and they’re perfect for your Windows 10 OS. Did we forget to mention these processors make your laptop super-responsive? Who doesn’t want a laptop that does exactly what we need it to, pronto?

Take a look at the HP Envy Laptop 13-BA0008TX with its battery that lasts throughout the day and has features that allow you to easily create on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

The HP EnvyThe HP Envy

4. Intuition at a touch

Some of us still love the sensation of holding a pen for scribbling or doodling, which is why a touchscreen on a device is such a bonus. You can still use your hands or a stylus, thanks to touchscreen technology.

The Harvey Norman Modern PCs come complete with an intuitive touchscreen that lets the creative writers, artists and doodlers take handwritten notes and scribble down important bits from meetings or even when inspiration strikes you out of the blue.

What’s more, there is less equipment to worry about when you have a touchscreen, so there is no need for you to lug around reams of notebooks or added peripherals.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro 2020 might just be what you need as it has a 10-point multi-touch sensitive screen with finger gesture screenshot capability.

The Huawei MateBook X ProThe Huawei MateBook X Pro

5. Light on the hands, easy on the eyes

These Modern PCs not only switch easily between laptop and tablet mode, but they’re also much lighter and thinner than a conventional laptop.

Sleek and lightweight thanks to cutting-edge materials and improved manufacturing, these Modern PCs are a breeze to bring everywhere, which gives you more flexibility to move about from one activity to another in your day.

When you’re dashing from the cafe finishing up that report and heading over to the client’s office for a presentation, switching from laptop to tablet form is easy-peasy. Plus, it makes you look super-organised and efficient!

For this, take a look at the Huawei MateBook X Pro 2020 as it incorporates up to 13 hours of local video playback, which means you can easily play back any media in both modes throughout the busy day.

The Huawei MateBook X ProThe Huawei MateBook X Pro

6. Pixel me happy

With rich, vivid displays, the Harvey Norman Modern PCs make surfing, viewing, gaming and more an absolute joy. (Also, we know you love to wander around Instagram.)

Built to support high-def graphics and images, you can enjoy your favourite content without lags or delays, even computer games thanks to a high frame rate.

Shopping online for a new vibrant coloured sofa? These Modern PCs, including the 15.6in ASUS ROG laptop with Anti-Glare WLED Backlit, will bring it all to glorious detail and incredible richness.

The Asus ROGThe Asus ROG

7. Ka-ching ching we’ve got you covered

Most of us have to watch our budgets, and we understand a laptop costs a pretty penny, but with these Harvey Norman Modern PCs, you can have peace of mind with a price guarantee. If you find the same product at a different retailer for a lower price, Harvey Norman will match the lower price and top up 10% of the price difference within 10 days of your purchase.

How’s that for customer happiness?

Play on, power up and stay connected

In today’s world, we need all the help we can to stay connected, to power up our days with the most reliable tools and to do it all without problems or delays. This is why a Harvey Norman Modern PC is an ideal solution for you to consider before heading out to hunt for your next upgrade.

What’s more, there are in-store product experts who are on standby and ready to talk to you should you need assistance in deciding the best modern PC for you. In the meantime, you could check out what’s available here – your perfect PC is waiting for you to come by and scoop it up.

Added bonus: Harvey Norman’s Product Care gives the buyer additional protection on all parts, labour and call-out fees for an unlimited number of repairs. No more having to search for a reliable PC repair shop!

Visit a Harvey Norman store near you or log on to today.

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