Delaying cataract treatment can cause further eye damage

If cataract is diagnosed, the recommended treatment is cataract surgery.

IMAGINE a world where everything has gradually become a blur. All your life, you have taken for granted all the things you used to do – walking, reading, watching your favourite movie and taking pleasure in a stroll in the park, watching neighbourhood children enjoy their evening play.

Now, you can barely see anything beyond the tip of your nose, much less take in the scenery around you.

Suddenly, you find yourself prone to falls, tripping over things you just didn’t see.

One thing you miss the most is the freedom to go anywhere at any time – just hop in the car and off you go.

Now, with your diminished eyesight, you simply cannot see well enough to safely drive to your destination, especially at night.

You also begin to feel like a burden to your family, for you can hardly do anything without some form of help.

When you finally decided to get your eyes checked, the doctor returned with the diagnosis – cataract.

The suggested treatment is cataract surgery with phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation.

You are hesitant to proceed; afraid of the procedure and knowing that you will be wide awake through it all.

Furthermore, during this pandemic, you are concerned about risking your safety. You find a stream of excuses to delay.

However, did you realise that delaying cataract surgery will only cause further damage to your sight?

Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of the eye, it is not a problem that will just go away if you leave it be.

Though cataract ranks among the top causes of blindness in Malaysia and globally it is one that is preventable. Left untreated, it disrupts daily activities and compromises the quality of life – which is what you have been experiencing since your eyesight became progressively blurred.

Other symptoms you may experience include eye pain and redness possibly caused by phacomorphic glaucoma (lens-induced high eye pressure).

You have taken the first step in getting your condition diagnosed; now is the step towards regaining clear vision and your quality of life.

VISTA Eye Specialist consultant ophthalmologists, Dr Ng Gim Leong and Dr Chai Khai Siang, say that cataract surgery is the only treatment to restore clear vision and many have been performed safely even during this pandemic period.

“During this Covid-19 period, many have delayed getting much-needed surgery, which may result in a higher risk of complications and a longer recovery period due to the need to use higher phaco energy to break a denser cataract,” says Dr Ng.

“As a leading eye specialist in Malaysia, rest assured that we (VISTA) implements strict SOPs to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.”

For even greater peace of mind, all VISTA staff have completed two doses of vaccination.

“It is important to have a thorough understanding with your doctor before deciding on the surgery. Proper examination will be carried out to ensure you are fit for surgery by examining eye health and suitability,” adds Dr Chai.

One significant note - vaccination does not interfere with cataract surgery nor affect the result. You can be sure to proceed with it even post-vaccination.

VISTA Eye Specialist performs modern cataract surgery utilising new technology such as no-blade and trifocal lens technology.VISTA Eye Specialist performs modern cataract surgery utilising new technology such as no-blade and trifocal lens technology.

VISTA Eye Specialist performs modern cataract surgery utilising new technology known as no-blade femtosecond laser cataract surgery for a safe surgery with fast recovery. Patients enjoy quality of life in their golden years with trifocal lens implantation to see far, intermediate and near.

You will be advised on the most suitable procedure based on your condition during consultation.

Cataract can adversely impact your quality of life. Take immediate measures before it worsens.

Get your eyes checked today at VISTA Eye Specialist ( and get a new lease of sight. Cataract surgery packages range starts from RM2,998 per eye. Book an appointment: 1800 88 3937 or

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