Ewe Hock gives thumbs up to minister, hopes he keeps his word

PETALING JAYA: Former badminton great Ong Ewe Hock is hoping that the Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman will walk the talk.

Ewe Hock has given a big thumbs up to the minister’s proposal to prevent politicians from being involved in sports associations as a way for Malaysian sport to move forward.

“I’ve waited for this for so long. It’s time to put politics and politicians out of sport. I hope our minister does not only talk but will make this work,” said Ewe Hock, who left Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) in 2003 after serving the country for more than a decade.

“I’m happy that he wants former internationals to step in and take over from the politicians.

“Many leaders have come and left but their ideas have never really taken shape. All they do is talk and talk. We always fail in implementing good plans. Hopefully, this idea to prevent politicians from being leaders in sports will take off.”

Ewe Hock said Malaysian sports had been embroiled in many unwanted issues because of the lack of informed people who know how to manage the sports.

“Not all politicians know sports. We need people with the knowledge of sports to run the associations and make decisions. We’re left behind because we’ve allowed politics in sports for far too long,” said Ewe Hock.

Ewe Hock said he was willing to come back and help Malaysian badminton.

“There are 50 over badminton players, who have been ranked within the top 10 standing in the world over three decades. We’ve legends who can contribute back to the country. There are many former greats from other sports too,” said Ewe Hock.

“I left the BAM many years ago because I was unhappy with what was happening. I’m willing to come back now to help,” said Ewe Hock.

“I don’t like to get into sports politicking. There is no place for politics in sports. The former players are ready to lift up the standard of the game. We have the experience, knowledge and we’re sincere. Most of all, we love the game.”

Ewe Hock hoped Syed Saddiq would also look at the sorry state of sports management at the state levels.

“There are many politicians at this level too. They do not do anything but just sit there for power and position. Our minister should address this issue from the state level first. Maybe, he needs to look into the election process too,” he said.

“Many development programmes are left unattended because the leaders are busy with their own agendas. I hope our sports will move forward and we will have the right people to manage them,” added the Thomas Cupper.

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