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MEME project finds ways for Malaysia to coexist with Asian elephants

A special project called MEME aims to find a way to co-exist peacefully with our endangered Asian elephants, who play an important role in the ecosystem.

Doing the Rob Roy Way in Scotland

Follow in the footsteps of Scottish folk hero, Robert MacGregor, also known as Rob Roy, and the beautiful walking trail named after him.

Hogwarts, horcruxes and hippogriffs: 20 years of Harry Potter

On June 26, Muggle readers in gowns and glasses from Indonesia to Uruguay celebrated the birth of a global publishing phenomenon that began in 1997.

The world’s highest bridge is almost completed

The Beipanjiang Bridge – touted to be world’s highest bridge – nears completion in China.

On the trail of Malaysia’s fast disappearing tigers

We join a WWF team to see the research being done in deep jungle to prevent a national symbol from becoming extinct.

We CAN save the Malayan tiger, we MUST do it now

July 29 is a special global day for these magnificent animals. Here’s what Malaysians can do to prevent their extinction.

Say NO to dead tigers

With poaching more rife than ever, and tiger territories dwindling, the odds are against the big cat - unless we take action now.

Flying Scotsman steam train puffs again, thrilling enthusiasts

Legendary British steam train The Flying Scotsman has returned to the tracks after a 10-year, 4.2mil-pound refit.

The counter-intuitive method for solving homelessness

A controversial strategy to give homeless people a roof first – before addressing drug abuse or mental health - is making an impact across the board.