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Reversal of roles: From director to CEO/MD

A RETIRED appellate court judge who subsequently assumed the role of a defence counsel once cited his own judgment as a precedent to substantiate the point that he was postulating. In doing so, he went on to quote his former self as the “learned judge”, thus, drawing laughter from the audience.

Time to prepare cash flow reserves

ALMOST every month I would hear a few cases of friends and a friend’s friends being diagnosed with cancer, mostly advanced fourth stage cases.

All eyes on China’s next moveGlobal economic policy hinges on Covid-19 response

Hong Kong: The broad policy direction for many of the world’s central banks and governments now hinges on one question: how will the Chinese government respond to the economic shock caused by the Covid-19

Used cars are one hot asset class in Turkey

ISTANBUL: The lira crash came and went more than a year ago but the distortions it left behind are making for a surprising hedge against inflation and falling interest rates in Turkey.