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Herping tips: How to find frogs and snakes in Malaysia

Some love to find frogs and snakes in the hobby of herping in Malaysia. These amphibians and reptiles also show a healthy ecosystem


Snakes in the city

Many of us dread unwelcome visitors to our homes but none is more feared than snakes, be they pythons or cobras.


Some people are passionate about slippery frogs and snakes

Frogs and snakes are beauties of nature that also indicate healthy ecosystems.


Snakes on the loose in Singapore

Urbanisation in Singapore has forced the island's snakes to seek refuge in sewers and high-rises, writes KARL MALAKUNAS.

AseanPlus News

Sharknado: Australia warns of snakes, crocs and sharks in floods

Sydney (AFP) - Wading through flooded areas can be dangerous anywhere in the world, but in Australia the waters may contain snakes, crocodiles and sharks as well as rubbish and sewage.


When snakes think it’s really their year to come out and play

MALACCA: Snakes are slithering out in the year of the snake – at least that is the case in Gapam, Ayer Keroh, where dozens of King Cobras were seen coming out of hibernation in several areas in a housing estate nearby.


Snakes in other cultures

ONE of the best known depictions of snakes in Greek mythology features Medusa and her Gorgon sisters, who had a head of snakes instead of hair, and could turn people into stone if you looked them in the eye.


Cobra among snakes caught in residential areas

MIRI: The Malaysian Civil Defence Force (JPAM) in Miri have received four reports of snakes appearing in residential areas.


How to tackle snakes in schools

PETALING JAYA: The Education Ministry is finalising a specific set of guides following the recent cases of snakes found slithering into school compounds (see graphic).