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Malaysian taxi driver gives free rides to the underprivileged

Malaysian cabbie Gan See Kiet helps the sick, the blind and the elderly by waiving their fares and goes out of his way to make sure he drives them to their destination.


How bubble tea can affect your health

A doctor and a dietitian weight in on how the current craze about bubble tea can prove to be dangerous to our health, due to its high sugar content.


How to boost immunity and prevent yourself from falling ill

Influenza in all forms fuelled by lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and increased stress weakens the body but you can minimise falling sick by boosting your immune system.


Here's the best way to lose those kilos fast

Hint: It’s not through just dieting, just going to the gym, joining one of those fixed-period challenges or consuming certain products guaranteed to lose you weight (and money).


What to eat or not to eat before a workout

Foods that are ideal for good health may actually be detrimental and minimise the benefits if a workout if you consume them just before you start exercising.


Check your gestation hormone

The female hormone progesterone plays several key roles in a woman’s anatomy.

Food News

Curious Cook: The anthropocene diet – Part 2

How did we end up eating so much meat and how do we cut down?


Mariah Carey suffers from bipolar disorder

Mariah Carey has revealed that she suffers from a bipolar disorder. She was first diagnosed in 2001.