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Myths and facts about neonatal jaundice

An estimated 50% of term, and 80% of preterm, infants develop the physiological condition of neonatal jaundice, usually two to four days after birth.


Testing for Alzheimer’s genes forces difficult decisions

Testing for Alzheimer’s genes forces difficult decisions. Would you want to know?


Watchmaker hopes to rock 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Swiss watchmaker hopes to make the upcoming showpiece in Russia the best yet.


Haemoglobin variants and thalassaemia

Inherited conditions of haemoglobin are becoming an increasing health burden, with an estimated 7% of the world’s populations having the gene mutations.

Science & Technology

Fly spit can mess up a crime scene

Crime scene investigators have long relied on their judgment to distinguish blood spatter from the look-alike stains left by flies that land on bodies.


Why glutathione is important to us

This rarely discussed protein helps fight cancer, heart attacks and Alzheimer's disease.


Instead of blood, you can donate blood stem cells

These peripheral blood stem cell donations are crucial for medical research.