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How the US government shutdown will impact your travel plans

Closures of landmarks and delayed passport services are among the inconveniences that tourists will face.


On the trail of JFK in New England

The beaches, harbours and mansions of New England were once John F Kennedy’s playground. Today, along with Boston – the cradle of Kennedy politics – they offer a charming glimpse into the life of America’s most flamboyant president. It’s the 50th anniversary of his assassination today.


The Ebola outbreak is the deadliest known to man thus far

Now that Ebola is creeping closer and closer to our shores, I am scared. What is the outbreak like around the world now?


Held in Ebola’s deadly grip

The situation in Sierra Leone is getting dire, with more confirmed cases of Ebola than in the entire preceding six months.


Comet cliffhanger: Probe 'sniffs' out life molecules before shutdown

The European Space Agency’s comet probe Philae detects organic molecules, basis of life on Earth, just before its battery runs out of juice.


British guide believes rapid ascents of world’s tallest mountain are safer

A British guide believes that rapid ascents of the world’s tallest mountain are better. But it involves sleeping in low-oxygen tents for weeks beforehand.


Lessons from the cane

Corporal punishment may have been the ‘norm’ in ages past, but is it an appropriate means of disciplining children in the 21st century?


Watch out ‘dark universe’, Large Hadron Collider is back in business

Scientists at CERN rejoice as their beloved “Big Bang” emulator returns twice as powerful after two years of repairs.


Smaller carbon footprint for Malaysian police

The Malaysian police force adopts second green blueprint.

Food News

Korean roadside food stalls are dying out

The soju tent in South Korea is dying out as city authorities try to clean the streets of Korea's Third World past.