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China takes forceful steps to tame unruly peer-to-peer lending sector

China's banking regulator unveiled aggressive measures to restrain the country's fast expanding peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector on Aug 24, warning that almost half of the 4,000-odd online lending platforms are "problematic".

Tomorrow’s law today: More legal firms embracing tech than before

Legal technology in Malaysia forges ahead with lawyers and tech players looking to improve the industry together, though regulations abound.

Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns

The biggest tech companies want you to know that they’re taking special care to avoid artificial intelligence’s dark side.

The wrong way to fight fake news: opinion

For online trolls, India might be the world’s fattest target. Nearly a billion people are registered to vote in the country’s upcoming elections, the largest in history.

Facebook digital ads figures differ from census data: analyst

Figures Facebook Inc gives advertisers about its potential reach differ from US census data, an investment analyst said, renewing questions about how tech companies verify the value of their digital marketing space.

US rivals behind EU push to force Google to fix search results

Seven large US tech companies had written to the EU’s antitrust watchdog urging it to go ahead with what ended up being a record fine on the world’s most-used search engine for obstructing competition and “stifling innovation.”

Tech evangelists see the devil in Trump

Voicing profane outbursts and outlandish calls for California to secede, tech industry pioneers are in shock over Donald Trump’s election triumph, anguished in particular about what it means for immigration and innovation.

Social media a curse and a blessing in Munich shooting

Social networks were both a curse and a blessing in the deadly shopping mall shooting in Munich, as police sometimes found themselves chasing fictitious leads and false alarms.