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Movie Review

‘The Kid Who Would Be King’: Heartwarming spin on the King Arthur legend

The Kid Who Would Be King puts a heartwarming spin on the King Arthur legend.

Movie Review

'The Kid From The Big Apple 2': Family drama with a sombre theme filled with hope

'The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget' wants you to accept the inevitability of life with hope and gusto.


These pretty kid-friendly meals get them to eat

Home cook Thevi Ramalingam whips up all sorts of inventive meals that are kid-friendly and aesthetically gorgeous to boot.


Malaysian film 'The Kid From The Big Apple 2' nominated at Macau International Movie Festival

'The Kid From The Big Apple 2: Before We Forget' which has touched the audiences is chosen as a nominee in the Best Film category at Macau.


King Arthur's tale gets a reboot in 'The Kid Who Would Be King'

The Excalibur resurfaces in the present day and it ends up in the hands of a kid who embarks on an epic quest to thwart a medieval menace.


The Kid From The Big Apple will melt your hearts

Director Jess Teong’s debut film is a heartwarming family tale set in Malaysia.


Cheeming Boey reads When I Was A Kid 4 with real-time illustrations!

Malaysian illustrator and author Cheeming Boey reads from his best-selling autobiography 'When I Was A Kid 4' with brand new real-time drawings. Win them!


When I Was A Kid 2

Cheeming Boey reminds us what it means to be a kid.


Jess Teong's health scare led her to direct 'The Kid From The Big Apple'

Singer, dancer, actress, producer and film director Jess Teong has never properly planned for any of her careers. But whatever new challenges come her way, the 52-year-old takes it on fearlessly.


Are you raising a bossy kid?

A bossy kid will always want her way and will throw tantrums and sulk to get it. If the bossiness is not addressed, the kid might grow up to have social problems, is defiant and could have issues with her parents.