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Robots thrive in the forest on jobs that humans find too boring

From watching pulp cook for hours on end and tracking parasite bugs on satellite photos to handling lengthy legal documents, Swedish forest companies are creating new jobs they would never ask a human to do.

‘World of Warcraft’ goes offline to Czech forest

Czech web developer Vojtech Ruzicka ditched his laptop and urban Prague lifestyle and decamped to the forest dressed as a blue-faced shaman for a “World of Warcraft” reenactment game.

Web-savvy Forest Service ranger turns spotlight on wilderness

Miranda Leconte can't stand litterers. She's irked by backpackers who camp in Desolation Wilderness without permits, and she's got a lot to say to people who build fires there, despite the many warnings that it's forbidden.

Apple announces Chinese forest management project

Cupertino's mobile tech company Apple is looking to bolster the production of renewable resources through partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

Why your office is beginning to look like a forest

The modern office is starting to look more like a Rainforest Café than a place of business.

Robots under Swedish forest breathe life into ancient mines

Hundreds of metres below the lush forests of rural Sweden, one of the world’s most ancient mines has been transformed into one of the most modern.

How technology is helping China’s fight against the encroaching deserts

China began its anti-desertification efforts in 1978. Since its launch in 2016, Ant Forest has attracted 500 million users who have helped plant 100 million trees.

Out of the woods: Thai ‘hermits’ harness web to go global

From communing with forest spirits to whipping up love potions, Thailand’s cave-dwelling hermits once conducted their supernatural endeavours with just ancient magic and ritual as their guide.