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It’s not Facebook's fake news fail, it’s ours

Fake news on the site helped get Donald Trump elected, say some. Well, who said we have to believe everything we read in our social media feeds? Check your facts and think critically lah.


The drugs you are taking may be fake

Fake medicines are a booming criminal industry with serious consequences for public health.


Contradictheory: But how can it be fake news if I believe it's true?

Contradictheory columnist Dzof Azmi has one simple solution to fighting fake news on social media: just check its content before you post it or share it.


Starting to look a little orange? Here’s how to fix your fake tan disaster

Starting to look like an orange? Here’s how to fix your fake tan disaster


Putting on fake freckles is a new beauty trend, would you do it?

There's fake lashes to fake skin glow. Now, you can pencil in your freckles.


Fake Buddhist monks cheating tourists everywhere

First Melbourne, San Francisco, Toronto, Tokyo and now in New York. Fake monks are hitting the streets everywhere around the world.


This student thought he would die after seeing a fake traditional doctor

A student from Hong Kong thought he was going to die after suffering really bad health from seeing a suspected fake doctor in Shenzhen, China.


Why bother with laws on fake news?

The alternative view by M. Shanmugam FAKE news spreads faster and reaches out to more people than real news. Fake news is not spread by robots on computer programmes but by people.

Corporate News

Traditional media sites gain upper hand as ‘fake news’ spreads

PETALING JAYA: When news that a massacre of Malaysians had taken place in North Korea first appeared online recently, it went viral on social media and shocked the nation. However, it turned out later that the report was fake.


Fake rice concerns

DAYS after news on the controversial fake rice possibly reaching the shores of Asian nations broke, Ipoh folk seem not too bothered about it.