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Curious Cook: Influencing customers and funny science

The columnist’s observations on how businesses get us to spend money and the findings of some food-related studies.

Curious Cook: A quiet month of denialism

Columnist Chris Chan discusses a curious response that is crucial in the dietary habits of people – if humans did not have this response, it would be impossible for many people to enjoy many foods.

Curious Cook: Observations about food in France in May – Part 1

From real cheese to fake truffles and cockroach milk, here are a few food-related observations from last month.

Iron wok sold out after it is featured on 'A Bite Of China' TV show

A handcrafted iron wok has become a must-have item after it was featured in the popular TV documentary.

'The Shed at Dulwich' was briefly London’s #1 restaurant – except it doesn't exist

A fake restaurant in London was inundated with reservations after a prankster invented the eatery and pushed it to the top of TripAdvisor's ratings.

Curious Cook: Vegetarianism and other dietary tales, Part 1

Do vegetarians live longer, healthier lives? This series of five stories on vegetarianism under the Curious Cook column checks out the claim.

Recipes for discovering a country's heart

This month’s Cooking the Books column offers books with elaborate recipes that impart lessons as well as a back-to-basics one that teaches the fundamentals of creative cooking.

Cookbook reviews: Read well, eat well – live well

It’s all connected, and easier than it may seem, according to the books featured in this month’s Cooking the Books column. Check out our delicious reads section for the how-to.

Everything you've wanted to know about Filipino food

Eating her way from Manila to Pampanga in a 15-hour food trial, the essence of Pinoy food is revealed to this foodie.

Game changers of cooking

From recipes that turn around a restaurant to a new way to bake and cook dinner, these books are game changers.