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Living 17 May 2019 | 5:00 AM

Caring teachers can influence their students' attitude, motivation and behaviour

Sri KL school principal Chew Teck Aun says good and caring teachers can inspire students and make a difference in their learning. When a teacher cares, the student’s attitude, motivation and behaviour change for the better.

Children 29 Nov 2017 | 7:01 AM

A fight with the dreaded head lice

Head lice: A mother in Hong Kong has had three failed attempts to root them out from her children. The head scratching that followed was worse.

Living 21 Oct 2017 | 8:02 AM

How the #MeToo trending topic is breaking the silence on sexual assault

Sexual abuse is perpetuated by a culture of shame and silence. Women are now sharing their sexual harassment stories on social media with #MeToo.

Viewpoints 17 Sep 2017 | 8:05 AM

One man’s history is another man’s propaganda

That’s why we need to teach our kids how to sort the wheat from the huge amounts of chaff on the Internet.

Environment 19 Aug 2016 | 6:55 AM

Corals can turn violent when sea heats up

Scientists are able to see coral bleaching clearly in a time-lapse video. It shows how a coral can have a violent reaction to changing sea temperatures.

Viewpoints 05 Jun 2016 | 7:00 AM

Why mothers die

The objectives of CEMD are to monitor the causes of maternal death, improve safety and reduce mortality.

People 30 Oct 2015 | 7:00 AM

They need your help, these smiles just hide a wretched life

The Malaysian Social Research Institute aims to raise funds for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon.