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Food News

Future of food served up in Paris

Countries showcase their specialities, including acai and yuzu, at International Food Fair.

Food News

Sweeter than strawberries

What’s juicier and has a sweeter ending than most Korean dramas? Fruit from Jinju City, that’s what!

Food News

Champagne and wine toast to high demand

More people celebrated with bubbly and wine last year, boosting sales and improving market growth for the beverages.

Food News

Outside France, foodies are gorging themselves on foie gras

Sales of the controversial delicacy on the rise in France and abroad

Food News

Bordeaux wines feel hangover from poor sales

Poor harvest and slowing demand in China cause sharp fall in sale of Bordeaux wines.

Food News

Canadians prefer Californian wine over French vin

Canada now largest export market for wines from its southerly neighbour.

Food News

McDang factor: The Thai food diplomat of sorts

Thailand’s most royal and irreverent chef brings change to Chakri Palace.


Eggspensive? One solution is to rent hens

A bird flu outbreak in the US last month prompted the mass culling of hens which triggered an interest in hiring hens to provide eggs for the household.

Food News

Farmed fish: Friend of the sea

Aeon aims to offer sustainable local fish at its supermarkets.

Food News

The oak benefit on wine

Oak barrels bring tannin, flavours and aromas to wine.