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First eclipse in 99 years to sweep North America

Miami (AFP) - The first total solar eclipse to sweep North America in nearly a century will march across the continent August 21, casting a shadow over millions of people from coast to coast.


Total solar eclipse mesmerizes America

CHARLESTON: Emotional sky-gazers stood transfixed across North America Monday as the Sun vanished behind the Moon in a rare total eclipse that swept the continent coast-to-coast for the first time in nearly a century.


Enthusiasts clear-ly well treated to partial solar eclipse

KUCHING: Excitement filled the air as astronomy enthusiasts gathered at the Sultan Iskandar Planetarium to observe the partial solar eclipse.


Magical views from top of the world for solar eclipse

LONGYEARBYEN, March 20, 2015 (AFP) - All eyes were turned to the heavens early Friday for a solar eclipse offering spectacular views from selected airplane seats, European countries with clear skies and a remote Arctic archipelago.


Hundreds gather to view lunar eclipse

KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds gathered at the National Planetarium to witness the penumbral lunar eclipse that swept across parts of Asia and the Pacific on Wednesday evening.


Indonesia to mark eclipse with tribal rituals, prayers

JAKARTA (AFP) - A total solar eclipse will sweep across the vast Indonesian archipelago this week, witnessed by hordes of sky gazers and marked by parties, colourful tribal rituals and Muslim prayers.


Muslims perform solar eclipse prayers

KUALA LUMPUR: Muslims in the country Wednesday did not miss the opportunity to perform the 'two rakaah kusuf' prayers in conjunction with the solar eclipse phenomenon, which usually occurs every four years.


Pacific Rim sky-gazers witness ‘unusually brief’ lunar eclipse

TOKYO: Sky-gazers in parts of the Pacific Rim observed an “unusually brief” total eclipse of the Moon on Saturday night, with the rare red-tinged satellite glimpsed from Japan’s far north to the Hollywood Hills.


Eclipse shortens Thaipusam praying hours

GEORGE TOWN: Since ancient times, the lunar eclipse has been treated as a time when divine forces are at their weakest.


Solar eclipse begins sweeping across Indonesia

TERNATE, Indonesia (AFP) - A solar eclipse began sweeping across the vast Indonesian archipelago on Wednesday, with hordes of sky gazers set to watch the spectacle, which will be marked by parties, prayers and tribal rituals.