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Roaming gazelles a bane to herdsmen

THIS is the story of 30,000 roaming Mongolian gazelles that have forgotten their homes.

Cops want elephants out of Bangkok streets

BANGKOK is faced with a jumbo problem. Elephants, about 200 of them, now roam the city's streets, compounding its congestion problems.

Drought continues in the north

THE devastating drought that has plagued the drainage area of the Yellow River in north China shows no signs of abating.

N. China drought shows no signs of abating

THE devastating drought that has plagued the drainage area of the Yellow River in North China shows no signs of abating.

Experts find reservoir in desert

CHINESE geologists have detected a large-scale underground reservoir in the country's largest desert.

Zimbabwe: Revitalise NAM

The revitalisation of the Non-Aligned Movement must still top the agenda during the KL summit despite the impending war in Iraq, an African envoy said.

‘Address HIV/AIDS issue’, urges ambassador

With 3,000 of its citizens dying from HIV/ AIDS related diseases weekly, Zimbabwe feels that the issue should be confronted by NAM members and be included in the KL Declaration.

Africa’s biggest problems take a back seat

SEVERAL African states have expressed their reluctance to use the 13th Non-Aligned Movement Summit here as a platform to present two of the biggest problems currently plaguing the continent - AIDS and famine - preferring instead to allow the impending war on Iraq and the Palestinian crisis to take precedence.

Nature reserve to protect river sources

CHINA plans to set up a huge nature reserve in a bid to protect the sources of its three major rivers, the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, and the Lancang River, officials said in Xining, capital of north-western Qinghai province.

Yellow River at lowest level in 50 years

THE upper reaches of the Yellow River, China's second longest river, is at its lowest level in 50 years due to sustained drought and decreasing rain and snow.