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Is checking a smartphone during the night bad for sleep?

A team of American scientists observed how the brain reacts to short, intense exposure to blue light in order to determine how sleep is affected.

Doctors in Singapore now have a smart assistant backed with AI tech from China

The software, backed by data from millions of anonymous patient records and AI tech, can support clinicians in consultations, self-learning and research.

The Week That Was: The struggle to stay secure online

It was a week to remember the man responsible for the password – Fernando Corbato – who is credited with inventing it in the 1960s.

The inventor of the computer password has passed away

Over the weekend, The New York Times reported that Fernando Corbatَ, inventor of the computer password, died on July 12 in a Massachusetts nursing home at 93.

Facebook doesn’t know if you’re psychotic: opinion

The news that researchers could use Facebook feeds to “predict” whether you suffer from any of 21 medical conditions came across as impressive, but also unnerving.

Yes, counting steps might make you healthier

People who track their daily steps may not only be more active, they may also be less likely to develop health problems that lead to events like heart attacks or broken bones, a new study suggests.

Reducing screen time in teens improves sleep in one week, study shows

Several studies have shown that the light emitting from the screens we are constantly looking at can have an effect on our health and sleep patterns.