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‘Water will find its own level’

On Boxing Day last year, less than two months after he assumed the highest judicial post in the land, the Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tun Zaki Azmi, decided he wanted to take a first hand look at the courts - unannounced.

Points to consider when buying a house to avoid future complications

CAN you afford a house now? Assuming you can afford a house, how much can you afford to pay? These are important questions that many people do not research. This oversight can lead many people to bad debt and even bankruptcy.

Let the house buyers beware!

To not educate yourself and learn from the mistakes of others only sets you up to be at best, disappointed and at worst, being house poor

Free legal fees – fact or myth

An erroneous understanding of the matter exists in the housing development industry, much to the dismay of purchasers having disputes with developers.

Software company’s products gain traction in financial institutions

During the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the first signs of the crisis were large capital outflows from Malaysia in the first quarter of the year.

Leave conveyancing to lawyers


Engaging a real estate agent

BUYING and selling property can be a tedious process. Engaging a real estate agent, however, can help alleviate the burden.

Not all apartments are the same

CALL them what you like – small office home office (Soho), small office flexi office, small office versatile office, condotel, hotel suite or butler serviced apartment.

How to obtain letters of administration via small estate mode

UPON the death of a person, a member of his family or a person interested in his estate must take charge to administer and distribute his estate.

Thy will be done

This is the second in the series of monthly articles contributed by the Malaysian Bar Council on simple matters affecting the lives of people. It kicked off diving into ways to obtain “Letters of Administration” when a person dies and leaves an estate without a will and continues this month with the subject on “Living Wills”.