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Curious Cook: Glyphosate, the free stuff we do not really want

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan examines health concerns surrounding glyphosate, a component of herbicides used in most vineyards and commercial farms.

Goodbye Jeffrey Ong, creator of Malaysia's only classic cocktail, Jungle Bird

The Malaysian bar scene lost one of its greatest unsung heroes earlier this week – Jeffery Ong Swee Teik, the creator of Malaysia's only internationally recognised classic cocktail, the Jungle Bird.

Curious Cook: The anthropocene diet – Part 2

How did we end up eating so much meat and how do we cut down?

3 Malaysian online cooking stars share their favourite recipes

Three popular online cooking gurus from sites like Sheena's Cooking Passion, Azie Kitchen and Cooking Ah Pa share their recipes.

Curious Cook: Vegetarianism and other dietary tales, Part 4

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan explores other reasons why we should eat more vegetables and less meat in part 4 of his miniseries on vegetarianism.

Mealworms will be in your meals soon

It’s a sign of the times when insects appear on the plate of an official state function – the Denmark World Food Summit for better food.

Spice Queen has written 22 cookbooks and has more to offer

Culinary expert Devagi Sanmugam highlights all sorts of Asian cooking techniques in her cookbook I Am A Rice Cooker!

A little café that's big on coffee and fresh pasta

Once they were baristas, now they have a charming cafe that serves comfort food and good coffee.

Top 10 chicken rice in Singapore

The Straits Times’ food critics share their favourite places for chicken rice in Singapore.

Edible gems of the Southern Forests

Be amazed by the variety and abundance of natural produce in Western Australia’s Southern Forests.