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Vital Signs

Budget 2020: Improving how the Health Ministry manages its funds

SPENDING public money is always “fun”, because there’s a lot of it and it comes from other people.

Vital Signs

Budget 2020: Spending other people’s money

Increasing the Health Ministry’s budget is not the cure-all we might believe it to be, but is just part of the solution in managing our healthcare expenses.


Wendy's Malaysia waves goodbye? Malaysians dismayed

PETALING JAYA: Wendy's Malaysia is believed to be closing down its operations nationwide, as speculation is rife that the local franchise holder did not renew its agreement with the franchisor.


Guan Eng says he wasn't sleeping in Parliament, merely resting his eyes

PETALING JAYA: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has denied claims that he fell asleep during the Budget 2019 debate, stating: "My eyes were unwell, and I did not doze off in Parliament."


A budget for hope in Malaysia?

The government has outlined its plans to collect and spend money next year. Equally important are institutional reforms and stakeholder engagement.


Business groups give new Budget the thumbs up

PETALING JAYA: Budget 2019 has been given the thumbs up by business organisations for having taken into account the country’s financial circumstances.


I’m no longer under police probe, says Uqasha

ACTRESS Uqasha Senrose, 25, said that she is no longer under investigation for allegedly taking drugs, as police have closed the case, reported Harian Metro.


Najib: Politics is not just about making promises

PETALING JAYA: Politics is not just about making promises but about fulfilling them, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.


Lifestyle inflation could be the reason you’re struggling

WHAT is lifestyle inflation? Quite simply it’s when you increase your spending when your income level goes up, for instance, each time you get a salary increment. It’s a simple idea that when you make more, you spend more.


Why actress Janna Nick bought her first home at the age of 21

She recently won the Anugerah Bintang Popular award for Popular TV Actress.