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MPay to leverage on Purple League badminton players

KUALA LUMPUR: ManagePay Systems Bhd (MPay) plans to leverage on sports personalities, including those of Malaysia Purple League Badminton Club, to market its financial products.


Athletes may face hardship if they have no retirement plans

FORMER national badminton player and coach Datuk James Selvaraj is very passionate about life after sports. He is especially concerned about what our athletes will do after they are no longer in the limelight.


Why South Korea bounces back from every crisis

SOUTH Korea is simply amazing. It was lagging behind Malaysia in many ways – from sports to the economy. On top of that, it had to constantly deal with a nagging security threat from North Korea.


Better high-tech world for children?

I AM an 80s kid. Term holidays were spent reading story books, listening to the radio, playing badminton with my sisters and watching i>Jem and the Holograms/ire-runs on the telly.


Hyundai offers 3D TV for Japan market

TOKYO (AP) - Badminton matches look so real playing on Hyundai's new 3-D TV that you may reflexively dodge the virtual shuttlecock.


Nadzmi: Nature gives a very good lesson in business

JUGGLING between his own businesses and being the president of the Badminton Association of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Nadzmi Mohd Salleh seems to have his hands full nowadays. But he still has a driving passion for Proton despite losing his bid to DRB-Hicom.


Punch Gunalan answers your 10 questions

Malaysia's formerbadminton starDatuk PunchGunalan fieldsthe 10 questionsposed to him by ourreaders


The Hartonos run the Djarum Group on sound principles

THE cigarette lighted by Victor Hartono looks like a sparkling flambeau, all the more so because of the kretek, the crackling sound it makes.


Playing hard to earn a living

AT a glance, sportsmen and women seem to have the perfect job - they are in a profession that they love and they make loads of money doing what they do. Insome countries, the amount of money in question is simply insane.


The making of a sports industry

2011 is the Year of Sports Industry for Malaysia. The goal is to built a viable and robust national sports industry, which includes hosting major international events and developing talent. What would it take?