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Controversial US artist Jeff Koons lights up the French Pompidou

Controversial American artist Jeff Koons’ first European retrospective lights up France’s Pompidou.


Turkish artist Ahmet Ogut's works zoom in on surveillance culture

Turkish artist Ahmet Ogut is part of the group exhibition 'Seen' at Wei-Ling Contemporary, which looks at the surveillance culture around us.


Malaysian contemporary artist Ise dies aged 46

Contemporary artist Roslisham Ismail, or better known as Ise, whose artistic practice spanned social relations across generations, cultures, class and geography, died of health complications in KL on July 23.


Malaysia Emerging Artist award applications are now open

The third edition of the Malaysia Emerging Artist award series promises a competitive edge.


Selangor artist's paintings impress US judges

Malaysian artist Lim Tai Meng has won the hearts of American and British art judges with paintings that capture those special moments in life.


This artist uses human 'skin' for her painting

Cairo-based artist Chanel Arif uses humans and their surroundings as her canvas, creating what at first appear to be two-dimensional paintings.


Artist with Asperger syndrome brings beauty to the canvas

While his speech development was very slow and he wasn’t academically inclined at school, Dennis Liew managed to excel in art, scoring a distinction in the SPM examination. The young and talented artist with Asperger’s now concentrates on honing his skills, sometimes spending whole days drawing and painting.


Sephora's Virtual Artist app allows you to 'try on' full-face makeup

Along with “trying out” lip colours you can now play with eyeshadow and eyeliner colours to help you choose a full face makeup look with the Sephora Virtual Artist app.


Tattoo artist Joey Pang redefines the human body as canvas

Tattoo artist Joey Pang has redefined the way the human body can be used as canvas for expression.


Self-taught Malaysian artist draws beauty from a painful past

Despite her painful past, self-taught artist Chant Wong has learned to see the tormenting memories as ashes that she believes God has turned into something beautiful. Through art, she illustrates the bittersweetness despite the ugliness.