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Old is still gold: Debunking negative stereotypes about ageing

It’s time to debunk negative stereotypes and change the way we think about ageing.

Here’s an anti-ageing treatment essence for glowing skin

Clarins, the skincare expert, launches trio of pioneering anti-ageing Treatment Essences for skin at different ages.

Find out about ageing issues at the Malaysian Conference on Healthy Ageing

Organised by Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society (MHAS), this biennial conference is aimed at promoting healthy ageing by educating healthcare professionals and the public on ageing-related issues.

Are we ready to meet the needs of Malaysia's fast ageing population?

A panel of experts discuss about addressing senior's needs and catering to the country's ageing population.

Healthy organs and ageing

Conference explores the issues of healthy organs for healthy ageing.

Conference on making mental health a priority for healthy ageing

Mental health will be the focus at the eighth Malaysian Conference on Healthy Ageing, where a holistic approach to mental health issues affecting our society today will be discussed.

Think positively about ageing and you may avoid Alzheimer's

Having positive thoughts about ageing not only keeps you happier but it may also protect the brain against age-related dementia such as Alzheimer's disease.

Positive thoughts about ageing keep you healthy

Ageing may be a state of mind, says new research. The more positive you are about ageing the better your health will be.

These are the signs of ageing

These are the signs of ageing.

9 superfoods to fight ageing

Adding these wonder foods into your daily diet can stop the ageing clock and keep you looking youthful.