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'Terminator: Dark Fate': Finally, a worthy sequel to 'T2: Judgment Day'

With Terminator: Dark Fate, the flagging franchise gets the reboot it deserves. Yes, it only took them three movies and 28 years, but we've finally got a worthy sequel to T2.

Look, don’t touch – Thai bars raided for trafficking underage ‘entertainers’

CHIANG MAI: A hug, a hand on her knee, a kiss on the cheek: teenage waitress Pim would not let the customers go any further at a karaoke bar in northern Thailand, where she was found in a police raid.The 16-year-old was one of four teenage bar staff found earlier this month in an anti-trafficking operation in Chiang Mai, a tourist hotspot with a well-established sex trade.

Curious Cook: Mapping the future of food

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan looks at the future of food, which should include reduced meat consumption, a more varied plant-based diet, and even new varieties of food made from insects.

'Ma': My my, Ma, what a campy revenge fantasy

The Oscar-winning actress is the only reason to see 'Ma', and she's clearly having a grand old campy time playing an unstable middle-aged woman who has a score to settle.

Louisiana policemen fired over Facebook post suggesting Ocasio-Cortez be shot

(Reuters) - A Louisiana policeman who suggested on Facebook that high-profile U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needed to be shot was fired on Monday, along with a second officer who "liked" his post.