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A dengue vaccine that could save your child?

Three years later, new data and analysis on this much-desired vaccine indicates both promise and caution.


Where are we with the dengue vaccine?

Policy makers need to make a firm decision about the dengue vaccine.


Let’s be clear about the dengue vaccine

Clearing up misperceptions about the dengue vaccine.


Doctors are wondering when the dengue vaccine is coming

Clinicians who have to manage the marked increase in disease burden of dengue wonder if and when the new dengue vaccine will be available for use in Malaysia.


Is the dengue vaccine safe for my child?

There has been some controversy surrounding the dengue vaccine, but does that mean we shouldn’t take it or have it given to our children?


New dengue vaccine appears to be a game-changer

A vaccine that could reduce hospitalisation by 67% and prevent severe dengue by 88.5%, could change the way we treat dengue fever.


Works 100%: Dengue vaccine is effective

Researchers say that an experimental dengue vaccine is 100% effective. This could mean that a vaccine for Zika may be soon.


A personalised vaccine is helping women tackle ovarian cancer

A personalised vaccine, taken together with standard chemotherapy and an immune-boosting agent, helps women fight back against ovarian cancer.


Meningitis: Your kid could lose her limbs, but there's a vaccine

Meningitis can strike suddenly, but there is a vaccine that parents need to know about.


Llamas: The source of a universal flu vaccine?

Scientists may have found the key ingredient for a flu vaccine that protects against multiple flu viruses, and it comes from llamas.