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Simple, Levantine-inspired food at Ebb & Flow

Simple, Levantine-inspired food like baklava, Moroccan spiced cauliflower, grilled halloumi and dukkah tiger prawns take centre stage at Ebb & Flow in Kuala Lumpur's Bangsar neighbourhood.

New cookbook highlights recipes from Islamic countries

With her latest cookbook Feast: Food of the Islamic World, acclaimed cookbook author Anissa Helou uncovers the rich tapestry of food shared by people in Islamic countries, like kebabs, harissa, Moroccan pigeon pie, caraway pudding, Indian Scotch egg and lamb tagine.

There's so much more to Turkish food than kebabs

In a bid to end stereotypes of late-night greasy fast food, Turkish chefs are trying to showcase the culinary riches the country has to offer.

Try these unique Yemeni dishes this Ramadan

Grad student Shada Bokir shares some of her homeland’s seasonal specialities.

'Barbecue', a love letter to grilled meat

Barbecue is a globe-trotting new documentary that explores our shared love for cooking meat over an open fire.

Refugees get cooking in the United States

At Eat Offbeat, a New York food company, refugees make and deliver ethnic fare.

The secrets of Isis: Pagan gods to dogs to chocolates, they're all facing the chop

Belgian chocolatiers, 'Downton Abbey' and ancient religion worshippers are feeling the heat from their unfortunate association with a group of jihadists.

Tempting Arab and Malay food at Puteri Penchala

Restaurant serves tasty Lamb Mandy and must-try local favourites.