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Untested stimulant found in dietary supplements

At least a dozen dietary supplements available in the US contain a potentially dangerous synthetic stimulant that has never been tested on humans, says a new study.


Which supplements to take and what to avoid during pregnancy

Certain supplements are essential for the development of the foetus during pregnancy, while some should be avoided to prevent complications.


Should you really be taking multivitamins and supplements?

Some people may benefit from taking supplements, but for others, a balanced diet is enough.


Study: Nutritional supplements may help mental health conditions

A review of numerous studies looking at the effect of supplements on mental illness has found that some supplements do help , when used in conjunction with conventional treatments.


Which supplements are unnecessary for pregnant mums? Most of them

Supplements targeted at pregnant mothers may contain ingredients that is not necessary for the health of the mother or the baby.


Can supplements affect sperm quality?

A new review of research in the US has found that taking certain supplements may help boost a man's sperm quantity and quality..


When taking vitamin supplements can be deadly

While we probably think there's no harm in taking as many vitamins as possible, this study finds that overdosing on some supplements can increase your risk of death.


Eat more fish, supplements won't protect the mind of seniors

Omege-3 supplements won't help to stop cognitive decline. Fish oil from eating fish is beneficial but not in pill form, says study.


Vitamin supplements may control violent behaviours

Violent tendencies in jail may be controlled with vitamin supplements, says a study. The findings may also be helpful for anger management outside prisons.


Vitamin supplements may be giving you acne

Vitamin B12 may be important for brain and nervous systems but in the fight against acne taking supplements may not help, according to a new study.