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MySkills Foundation gives 'at-risk kids' a chance to succeed in life

MySkills Foundation gives at-risk youth a helping hand by providing vocational training and guidance.


Despite a late start, TV host Meor Mohd thrives in his roles

Despite getting into broadcasting late, TV host and emcee Meor Mohd Addelan Meor Adam is thriving in his work and loving every minute of it.


Siti Nurhaliza's SPM results and 4 more facts we've learned from her vlog

Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza has been actively vlogging recently, offering viewers a glimpse of her life when she's not singing. Here are five interesting facts we learned from her vlogs.


Dear Thelma: My parents put a lot of pressure on me financially

Broken-hearted Girl is facing tremendous pressure from her parents to buy them a new, flashy car, when she is trying her hardest to put herself through higher education and saving for the future.


Dear Thelma: I'm facing too much pressure and no one understands me

This 17-year-old is engulfed by suicidal depression and desperately needs a listening ear and a caring shoulder to cry on.


Young children can also experience kidney failure

Kidney failure results from the inability of the kidney to filter out toxins from the body, which can be due to genetic factors in children.


Dear Thelma: I am a teenager with suicidal thoughts

Two teenagers face problems at home and are thinking of ending their lives.